Blog Archive: June 2012

When Technology Works

Jun 18, 2012

You know me; I love a new gadget, gizmo or device to bring into Hanwell manor. Ironically sometimes technology can let you down, however today was the exception to the rule as Mistress was on form to deliver a long rubber, breathing and ‘otherworldl...

Fuck The Hole

Jun 14, 2012

There's nothing like having fresh meat at the manor and today is no exception. To start my day of play I've had a wonderful rubber slut who simply loves predicament bondage. I started off my putting my subbie in mittens, ball tied into a parachute and hoo...

To Spain Ola!!

Jun 12, 2012

Yes it was a successful trip to film in the mountains at a secluded villa with my slave girl, slaves and a few friends thrown in for good measure for the last few days, I can happily report. To feel the heat on my skin, the breeze on my ass (in a rubber t...

Business or Pleasure?

Jun 11, 2012

With a fresh crop of nettles comes the opportunity to makes someone's morning a memorable one for all the right reasons. A surprise session seemed the way forward for one hapless sub in my stable. A brief call instructing a 9am arrival and a cryptic messa...

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