Blog Archive: June 2014

June Soaking

Jun 28, 2014

 Although the full range of my bondage, medical and domination games is best seen in appointments lasting a couple of hours or more, it is, once in a while, fun to hurry things along with a quicker session aimed at extracting the maximum slave humili...

Couple Carnage

Jun 17, 2014

 Death, destruction and carnage – minus the death and destruction: that may be just a slight overstatement, but it’s not really very far off from my explosive, exciting and chaotic Friday night with a married, subbie couple who both wante...

Recreation Frustration

Jun 6, 2014

 It's fortunate indeed that I have completed work on my new, extensively-equipped, medical wing at Hanwell Towers, because just when you think you have seen every conceivable form of bizarre sexual perversion and every possible type of sexual medical...

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