Blog Archive: July 2012

A World Away!

Jul 29, 2012

Its always an honour to have visitors from overseas, those who have made the trip over  and included some special playtime, especially when the people are from such far destinations as Singapore. This was the case with a married couple looking to exp...

Santa in July????

Jul 17, 2012

Why you may ask is Mistress Miranda dressed as Santa Claus in July, complete with full bushy white beard, long fur trousers and full covering jacket?? Well never let it be said that an off the cuff remark doesn’t occasionally come back to bite you i...

The Hornets Nest

Jul 12, 2012

When a slave sends me a ‘hornets’ nest’ mail, I always respond appropriately. What, you may ask is that?? Well I describe an email that tries to provoke a reaction, phrases such as, ‘you took it easy on me last time’, ‘...

The Henchman

Jul 10, 2012

What a day, what can I say. It was a ‘deflowering and reflowering with a difference’. First to arrive and get strapped to the medical bench was ‘the henchman’, my 6 ft 5 switch, dressed in head to toe rubber looking every bit the m...

The MM Collection

Jul 5, 2012

What better way to start off the new season, then with a new season collection. What, you may ask, am I talking about? Well today playtime started with a bondage enthusiast like myself looking for something tight , tight , tight and of course, I couldn't ...

Mummification Breakthrough

Jul 2, 2012

The following is a true-life case file, with a genuine and serious medical issue that the nursing team here have been able to successfully resolve foe one grateful patient. Welcome to the clinic. Your referral letter explains your distressing medical pro...

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