Blog Archive: July 2015

Machine Mayhem

Jul 31, 2015

 Sometimes your busy Mistress needs to sit back and relax a little and let all of my fabulous wanking, milking, arse-fucking and electrics machines do the work on keeping my needy subbies properly tormented, drained and eternally grateful for being a...

Escape to Bondage

Jul 28, 2015

My TV rubber maid must have thought she had escaped from my clutches when I finally set her free from her time incarcerated in metal bondage behind bars in Cell Block M at Hanwell Towers.How wrong can one slave be? I had earlier performed a total rubber s...

Medical Room fun with my new Penile Nurse

Jul 13, 2015

Such a fun medical session today as my new penile nurse joined me in the Hanwell clinic to help control one of my most challenging patients who needs the highest possible levels of bondage to prevent him trying to behave in a most inappropriate manner wit...

Hot Time in Hanwell

Jul 7, 2015

Thank God for air-conditioning! On one of the hottest days of the year I had the help of sweet Sherry to assist me in restraining, controlling and frustrating two of my most needy and pathetic male slaves in my Hanwell dungeons. It was a little like a bon...

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