Blog Archive: September 2014


Sep 27, 2014

Being the boss of the Hanwell Clinic for Medical Excellence does have some perks, including being able to take time out from the enjoyment of treating my slaves' sexual perversions to keep up to date with the latest policy and political ramifications of t...

Daring and Depravity

Sep 14, 2014

A morning of daring and depravity... all in a day's work at Hanwell towers. I know it's a tough life being a pampered and adored mistress, but waking up knowing that I have two unruly slavegirls and an eager male in tow was certainly an incentive to sprin...

Helpless Hypnosis

Sep 3, 2014

 My clubsite members have been treated to a pussy-and-tits, film feast of tormented female subbies in recent weeks, although my first love always remains training helpless males into tortured submission. I can’t deny, however, that it is amusin...

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