Blog Archive: September 2015

Nurse Despair

Sep 30, 2015

Ok.. I admit it: sometimes 'Nurse Despair,' my alter ego at the Hanwell Medical Clinic, can be a very evil woman indeed. I could not help laughing at the torment I was able to inflict on one of my eager patients this week when he arrived for a full anal ...

Little Lost Bondage Lamb

Sep 27, 2015

Almost everyone who visits me at Hanwell Towers enjoys the experience so much that, sooner or later, they come back for more bondage fun. But few leave it as long as my client this week who waited more than a decade before booking his latest appointment! ...

Roping Rodeo

Sep 18, 2015

 Despite my name ‘The Bondage Mistress’ I’ve never studied the art of rope bondage in depth – until now! That’s not to say that I can’t leave you utterly helpless and at my sadistic mercy with more restrictive bond...

Patients Need Patience

Sep 4, 2015

It takes time to make the fullest possible use of my extensive medical clinic facilities at Hanwell Towers and sometimes my patients are so eager to experience all that the clinic has to offer that it is a good thing to make them wait a little. That was...

Mummy Wants His Mummy

Sep 3, 2015

 What better way to recover from a hectic party weekend than to relax in the dungeon today, taking one of my slaves to the edge of his limits over and over again by playing on his deepest fears whilst he’s helplessly trapped in a leather body b...

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