Blog Archive: November 2012

A Brief Update

Nov 27, 2012

 Spending some time in the cells for one slave certainly gave rise to an interesting time. Locked in the padded cell, straight jacket in place, anal and ball electrics ticking away nicely, it seemed the ideal opportunity to introduced a new element o...

The Pain of Excess

Nov 22, 2012

Where possible I try to live the principles of a healthy lifestyle, taking regular exercise and diet into the equation and attempting to keep a reasonable fitness level. However, I like the rest of us am constantly battling temptation as there are so many...

Prisoner c348

Nov 21, 2012

 Prisoner c348 arrived for processing. As with all prisoners of his scale, he was rigorously protesting his innocence, using his approachable demeanour as a cover for the filth and depravity that lie just beneath the surface. I was continually on my ...

Little Slutty Ass Whore

Nov 18, 2012

Dressed in kinky pvc, thigh boots and complete with rubber female mask and wig, my slutty slave kneels before me. He knows he has a date with my strap-on’s but which one? Today is a filming day and your Mistress arrived to the dungeon to prepare; my...

He Came, He Saw and He Got Wanked

Nov 13, 2012

Filming day today started with a mad rush for the heated rollers, rubber thong and high boots....I’d like to report that that was for the slave but alas it was yours truly rushing around like a maniac to get the big curly hair effect that I do so lo...

Black Balls Turned Blue

Nov 4, 2012

Charged with larceny of the high seas, Pirate Black Balls is a sight to behold. Covered in electric blue rubber, complete with full mask, pirate patch and bandana he stands with all the defiance he can muster. The problem for ole Black Balls is that he ha...

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