Blog Archive: December 2013

Bastinado Bravery

Dec 31, 2013

 Another wonderful day's filming with visiting USA bondage model Elise Graves, who was only too be happy to be stripped-off, tied-up, strapped-down, encased in rubber bondage and generally abused and tormented to my heart's content in my Hanwell dung...

Eager Elise

Dec 29, 2013

Fans of my club site are in for a New Years Eve treat shortly when they get to feast their eyes on all the sessions in which I’ve just tortured and tormented my beautiful American pain-slut friend Elise Graves. Her pussy gets wetter and ...

Confess At Your Peril

Dec 23, 2013

It is always a fun day for me when a slave confesses that his efforts to please me have slipped and he is in need of serious retraining to bring his standards of servitude up to my required level. You may feel that the fact that he has been honest enoug...

Anal Hooks and Academiaā€¸

Dec 14, 2013

Surprise surprise, today is a good day for bondage, I think to myself as my slave crawls into view. Now I have to admit, 'crawling' into view may be a bit of an over-exaggeration: generally I don't get people crawling around on the floor unless they've ...

The Electric Tongue

Dec 8, 2013

Take one slavegirl’s electrified pussy and add one male slave’s electrified tongue and you have the recipe for making sparks fly in the dungeon. Sometimes it's the strangest thing when inspiration strikes me, an idea pops into my head and star...

Movie Mania

Dec 6, 2013

Sometimes inspiration strikes from the strangest places: who would have thought a silent movie star would inspire an extreme bondage game that tortured my slave’s nipples while keeping him stooped low and humiliated in my presence. My inspiration wa...

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