24 Hours Part 1

Apr 9, 2011

An awful start to the week for me, having to cancel appointments on Monday due to a nasty bug, although the end of the week has ended on a real high. As the title suggests, I've just completed a 24 hour scene which has taken me to the beautiful British countryside and back.

The day started with my slave collecting me from a designated location. I knew the nerves would be biting hard as the build up to this had taken a number of weeks. Slave arrives with his pantyhose (no socks) and Chama vest in place. A casual shirt hides the lacy top (well, just about) from prying eyes. Imagine then, the poor slaves predicament when he is instructed to go to a local 'builders cafe' to get a tea. O, I hear u cry, that's not too bad!!! Well Mistress knows old habits die hard and before you realise it, slave is sitting with one ankle on knee, showing 4 builders on the opposite table his stocking clad legs....woops!! Coupled with the fact the chamasole top has risen up, revealing the lace top above the shirt. Haha! and we have 4 builders staring hard at the squirming slave. Of course this part was regaled to me, once, I had finally arrived!!!! Well Mistress is always so punctual it makes sense to put the slave on edge from the word go. Doesn't it?

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