24 hrs Part 3 Finale

Apr 12, 2011

As always mistress has planned ahead. Its a glorious after noon, my slave is nervously accompanying me, so nervous in fact he is white as a ghost. Ive made sure that he knows his place, under his trousers are a pair of glossy pantyhose, red frilly panties and a camisole. Humiliation is the name of the game here. We are in an open field, hedge ways circle us but we can see rooftops in the distance.  “Lets start by stripping off your trousers to reveal those pantyhose and you can walk to that tree”, i state.  Imagine being sent across a field in the open air, cock exposed and whats more your clothes confiscated!!!

What followed was a 2 hour tirade of fun for me, making the slave roll in the mud, beating his balls with a stick, covering his ass with mud and nettles, soaking his body with w/s......only to be interrupted by a female dog walker as am in mid flow all over my muddy wed semi naked (well he was in tights) slave. After saying ‘hello’ and watching her disappear in the distance, our next area of concern was the farmer in the adjacent field who kept lurking dangerously close to the boundary (probably tipped off by the dog walker). However, not to be deterred we finished our outdoor play before heading back for even more mischief after dinner (well a mistress has to eat too you know).

We managed another two hours at night topped off with a spoilt milking, and a further session in the morning with more of the same ruined orgasms before heading home. Id like to say mistress wins yet again, 4-0 to me i think.

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