242 hrs Part 2

Apr 12, 2011

So we are on our way, slave has a full flask of warm ‘House Champagne’ to keep him hydrated for the journey. On arrival i want to inspect  the purchases I’ve requested for our stay, plus i want to see the slave dressed in his ‘serving outfit’.  I’ve brought a few. play items from the dungeon for the trip, and i set about using them immediately. Pegs are applied to his balls, heels are in place, a slutty outfit finishes the look and we start to play. Things are going great......until panic strikes. My slave has spotted someone at the window. After a mad dash to make the place ‘normal’ the lurker is confronted (only to find out that he is a builder who has been contracted to do some work on the outside of the building and due to having some time on his hands he thought he’d arrived a week early....woops.

After calming down and regrouping, we decide its time for a county walk. Nettles are collected en-route and then we are ready for some serious mischief.

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