4 Hour Fetish Frolic

Jun 4, 2013

There are those of you who will be extremely jealous when they read about yesterdays session. Firstly my slave had my undivided attention for 4 hours (which sailed by rather rapidly I might mention). My subbie in question, a regular attendee to the Hanwell clinic of delights, with a heavy prescription of rubber, bondage, breath games, electrics, sounds, milking machines.....but best of all the adorable Sherry in attendance.

I can already see your eyes glaze over at the prospect, turning greener and greener with envy at the escapades that two dedicated nurses in the business of pleasure and pain might offer!

The session started with a bang, the introduction of a new piece of kit, a 19 inch long flexible (and reasonably wide) square peg colon snake. Already I can see you wincing with intrigue, "Your going to put ALL of that where??", but it's surprising (to to all) what effect two coercive nurses can achieve with a lot of medicinal therapy, a wicked smile and a lot of lube.

Now to detail the erotic enticement in a blog is never easy. Pages and pages of description would merely cover the first hour, so the easiest thing to state now your vivid imaginations is the end.

Worked into a feverish frenzy with the milker, Sherry building sensations on the magical medicinal machine, followed by the Hitachi friend and a gentle working with my fist to finish, certainly had my rubber slut flying into orgasmic heights.

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