50 Shades of Slave

Mar 12, 2015

Long term servitude in bondage and discomfort may not be for everyone, and I know that being summonsed to my presence to be imprisoned in solitary confinement for more than 24 hours might fill some of my slaves with fear and trepidation: but for my loyal and devoted submissive 'Mirandite' a call from his Mistress is always just the start of another exciting adventure in his long journey of slavery and service at Hanwell Towers.

"They also serve who only stand and wait," said John Milton in one of his most famous Sonnets: but Mirandite at least had the privilege of laying down and waiting to serve me in one of my padded cells at the start of his night-and-day long incarceration at His Mistress's Pleasure this week. Upon his early-evening arrival he was ordered upstairs to Cell Block M immediately and suitably dressed in restrictive fetishwear. Put into the darkest cell I posess, he was fitted with a metal chastity cock and ball cage to remove any hope of sexual pleasure and a metal, expanding butt plug to make him as uncomfortable as possible and to ensure that every moment of his long night ahead was full of thoughts of his Mistress. The final step was to tie him securely in chains inside his cell and to remove all of the keys, before the door was slammed and bolted shut and I left him alone for the infinitely-greater comforts of my own warm and snuggly bed. I would like to say that I thought occasionally of him, languishing in sleepless despair as the hours ticked away; but I would be fibbing; the truth is I enjoyed a fun evening and a restful night's sleep without a moment's thought for the incarcerated wretch left behind in my dungeons.

The next morning, rested and refreshed (me.. that is.. not Mirandite!) I arrived early in order to fit a catheter tube without a drainage bag and a nappy to ensure that he spent time laying in his own wetness, rather than being allowed to use the rather demeaning child-sized toilet bowls which I have fitted in every cell. After the first twelve hours of his imprisonment I also took the time to replace his butt-plug with a second anal device in the form of a locking, internally-expandable plug which cannot be removed without the key. Needless to say, i took the key with me to stop him getting any ideas of anal freedom until his Mistmoved him ress decided that his torment should end.

I had a busy day, and so I handed over care and cpontrol of the slave to my dear friend Sherry so that she could tease and torment him in any way she pleased as the hours of his incarceration ticked by. She left him alone in bondage for much of the day so that he could contemplate his fate, but did put him in a retrictive bodybag for a while so that she might sit on his face and give herself some oral pleasure without any danger of him groping or innapropriately touching himself as he did so. Eventually, Mirandite was moved to a small, locked puppy-cage so that he could be fed before being locked back up in the cells for more hours of despairing solitary confinement.

Finally, some 26 hours after his prison sentence began, I bothered to take an interest in him again myself and moved him downstairs for some heavy bondage games and suspension whilst he was fitted with the wanking machine to enliven his poor tortured cock and balls. Being the thoughtful Mistress that I am, I decided he had earned a severe rogering with my strap-on and, with his arse fucked, suspended in front of the mirror and with a powerful wand vibrator pushed onto the head of his shaft, he eventually succumbed and produced the spunk sample he had been so desperate to give. I wonder how long he will suffer in lonely silence for me the next time he is summonsed to my side?

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