7 Months of Chastity

May 4, 2011

The French describe an orgasm as a mini death. Imagine waiting 7 months, with your cock locked away, your desires getting more and more extreme and a mistress willing to push the envelope further and further to send you into ten kinds of crazy. This was a position my loyal slave has found himself.....until today.

After a 5 day warning that the device was going to come off and an orgasm was to be granted the day has finally arrived. Id arranged a little surprise, another sub in the name of Gemma. She was my gift to the chastity slave. Gemma has been worked further down the road of enforced bi but her ass was a tad tight to interact properly with my regular slaves. I knew all this would change on meeting my chastity slut. Imagine 7 months cooped up in a device, the chastity slave was bursting at the seams and Gemmas tight little ass was just the ticket.

Of course, things were not going to be over in a flash, i had an hour and a half of sheer delight making these slave kiss, 69, cock suck in turns, house champagne soakings, nt, you name it they did it. Best of all i enjoyed watching the 69 on my bondage table, then joining in by buggering the slave on top, giving the slave beneath a birds eye view of the penetration.

When the final orgasm came for the chastity slut, the vocal joy was evident, along side the bucket load of cum splattering Gemmas surprised face (i made her cum first to add to the humiliation). My chastity slut was speechless for a good 15 mins afterwards....i bet he will sleep well tonight, that is until his short lived freedom is wrecked when the device goes back on permantely

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