A Brief Update

Nov 27, 2012

 Spending some time in the cells for one slave certainly gave rise to an interesting time. Locked in the padded cell, straight jacket in place, anal and ball electrics ticking away nicely, it seemed the ideal opportunity to introduced a new element of play ie bisexuality. Its too good of an opportunity to miss when I have a filming slave here for the day and a cell inmate whiling away the hours wondering what is in store next! I'm writing this now mid play and listening to the moans of pleasure and pain occur overhead. My 2nd slave has some very specific instruction, cock suck but no Cumming (for either slave). I've picked a jacket that affords some access on the nipples so it would be a shame to ignore that opportunity.

Slave no1 will be treated to some upside down bondage soon, all I have to decide is whether to allow him to cum all over his own face or make him wait, listening to the sounds of slave no2 beneath enjoying my attentions and all caught on film.

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