A day in the life of a Domme

Nov 11, 2010

What an amazing day its been so far and its not over yet. I've just completed a four hour session that just flew by. First I added a straight jacket and suspended my sub. Next after fitting an enema butt plug I filled the slaves ass with a litre of water. Then I probed his urethra with my metal sounds. Little did he know that after the first enema, I'd set aside a double bardex for a retention enema with a difference. Kneeling on my prayer bench and enema no.2 firmly in place, we moved to the medical room. After wrapping subbie in a rubber sheet and tying him to my couch I topped up the enema as I wasn't hearing the necessary moans of discomfort. These came soon enough. He was plugged, filled, bound and rubber wrapped and with no where to go I added a rebreather mask, all this and we were only half way. Neadless to say there was more in store including bladder draining and washing, rubber bondage on my table upstairs and a prolonged milking to finish him off. 

As for seconds, as its a rainy day, I'm taking one of my regular subs for a humiliating jaunt to some muddy woods.

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Medical Room Dungeon Room Suspension Room