A Firm Footing

Feb 18, 2014

Great fun was had by all in a session last night which started with some extreme bondage for my slave hung up in his leather body harness from the electric winch in my suspension room and culminated in my foot being stuck far up his arse. Sometimes it’s good to have the time to go to town on a subbie’s body like this; taking care to ensure that he has as little movement as possible for any one of his muscles. On this occasion I decided that even his individual fingers were to be tied and stretched apart to increase his feeling of utter helplessness and dependency upon his Mistress. That sort of detail really adds to a scene when his arms are already secured by his sides, his legs are stretched wide apart and secured by a metal leg-spreader bar and his balls are tied and separated with some of my unrivalled rope bondage skills. For this slave’s next session I’m planning on working the same magic on every one of his individual toes as well: one step further for me – even if subbie will then have considerable trouble in taking any steps at all!

I am, however, a kind and caring Mistress at heart and once my willing victim was dangling and truly unable to move I decided to bring in a little sexual tease and denial to take his mind off of his predicament. With him hanging handily in the centre of the room there was plenty of space to bring in my fabulous Venus wanking machine and attach it to his desperately aroused member. I selected just the right size of silicon-lined wanking tube, attached the vacuum pump, strapped it all immovably in place and set the machine to masturbate him with a steady but relentless pace. I carefully set the wanker to a speed which I knew would gradually pump this slave closer and closer to the orgasm he desired, without ever giving him the chance to go ‘over the edge’ to achieve full satisfaction. There was to be a great deal of restriction, fun and torment before he earned any chance of emptying his bulging bollocks in a final and complete milking.

Even the most experienced subbies have to have their circulation restored at regular intervals and so, all too soon, it was time to lower him down, release his trapped fingers, hands and legs and move onto to the next phase of his continuing treatment. After some years of anal training from me, this slave can now easily accommodate my fist in his rear and so we have moved onto the next stage of the process. I’ve recently had a lot of success with ‘footing,’ rather than ‘fisting’ some of my slaves and I wanted to see how much of my size seven-and-a-half feet would fit into his arsehole. The game involves some thick rubber protective socks for me, a great deal of thick and slippery lube for him, and a rear suitably warmed up and prepared for anything.

Accordingly I instructed my slave to lie in my leather suspension sling, strapped his feet up so that his fuckhole was presented in just the right position and got myself comfortable with anal-grease to hand and my pretty little feet at the ready. A few fingers to insert the lube and it was all systems go for a footing supreme. My slaves tell me that my toes go in relatively easily (perhaps with a little wriggle or two to tickle their fancy) and then the body on my foot slides in slowly, gradually opening up the anus as it moves inexorably inwards, tapering ever wider towards my ankle. The slave in this session proved remarkably accommodating, taking almost all of my foot below the heel into his body with barely a murmur. It’s a training regime I will return to with him at a later date; how wonderful it would be to get my entire foot inserted up the ankle and beyond!

I think my toes must have massaged my slave’s prostate gland a little as I twisted them inside his rear because it was clear that he was now even more desperate for a milking. Accordingly it was into the medical room for him to be strapped down, suitably medicated and teased to distraction with my powerful Magic Wand vibrator. As his hips bucked ever more frantically in his overwhelming need to empty his man-filth, I had to decide whether or not to allow him an orgasm. What was the answer I came to? Well that’s for me (and him) to know - and you to wonder about. Suffice it to say that the soundproofing in my clinic came in handy as his cries – whether they were of anguished denial or of ecstatic happiness – reverberated around the room for some time to come. Either way, something tells me this subbie will not be staying away from my clinic for long.

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