A Mighty Multi-Day to Remember

Aug 1, 2014

 I must admit that I can be rather cruel to my slavegirls, so I was delighted to give one of them a real treat this week and give her the chance to get her own back by tormenting and teasing men as much as she desired. The energy inside the dungeon was high to match the bright sunshine outside of the building: or so I’m told, although I prefer to keep natural light out of the building in order for me to adjust the lighting to match the mood of the sadistic and sexy games which go on in one of these multi-slave sessions. One thing for sure, however, the aircon was well and truly needed on the day that Miss Mighty Playful and I set to work the willing slaves who turned up for the party.
Now, for those of you who have not had the privilege of attending such a multi-slave event, I should tell you that the multiple personalities involved fully fulfil the promise of delivering all the naughty spices that life has to offer. Miss Mighty Playful and myself wanted to test out our first arrival’s tolerance to nipple stimulation and what better way than to let Miss Mighty Playful test out his tolerance to her sharp and beautiful nails.

Once his levels had been properly pushed then it was on to the whipping bench for him with a good high dose of anal electrics, his balls expertly tied and separated by yours truly whilst he was forced to serve us both: I was very happy to have my high boots worshipped and shined but miss Mighty was determined to push him further and it was her naked feet that he had to properly service. He did then earn the chance to be strapped into the bondage chair while I put miss Mighty Playful on her back on my bondage bench. He had the enormous privilege of watching as I worked on giving her multiple climaxes with my hand and fist. I didn’t want him to be too comfortable for too long and so as the show continued I changed his position and left him bound and standing to enjoy the fun. Even better for this hapless slave he was then forced to give Miss Mighty a further series of climaxes by using his tongue in her most sensitive regions before tables were turned and he was tied to the table with ropes and straps top to bottom.
We women had a lot of fun turning his penis into a puppet, with ropes from every angle allowing us to pull it this way and that before we dangled one of my powerful Hitachi magic wands just over his cock so that it could tease mercilessly and just occasionally add to the stimulation of having two women working on his body at once.

As a finale for this particular slave we moved to the medical room where I soon had him arranged and helpless in one of my strong Maxcita white canvas strait jackets and attached to my Venus wanking machine while I made him watch me medicate, electrify and fist Miss Mighty Playful’s body. Unsurprisingly it was not long before he could hold on no longer and was forced to cum in front of both of us. A great start to a multi-day to remember.

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