A Pervets Punishment

Jun 2, 2013

There is something particularly erotic about being naked in the open air, especially when one's companion is my newest little slavegirl, Violet. Playing together in a secluded Cornish valley I soon had Violet tied up and helpless so that I could start exploring all the delights of her petite, young body. I'm sure that all of you male slaves will be fascinated to hear that Violet has beautiful breasts and that her pierced nipples not only harden up enticingly when squeezed and teased but also can take my tightest nipple clamps with barely a moan of pain escaping from her lips. Investigating further down, I soon discovered that her moist pussy accepted my strap-ons and my fingers, whilst her rear can accommodate my digits and a pretty little pink, double-ender cock without complaint. I was testing out Violet for a more permanent position, serving in my Hanwell Chambers, and so it was pleasing to find that she was soon aroused by the attentions I played to all of her orifices. Indeed her juices were flowing so copiously after the tiniest stroke of her clit that I had to instruct her in how she should lick her own pussy juice from my fingers in order to keep her new Mistress clean and comfortable at all times. I soon decided that it was time to move on and have her provide for my needs as well. Yes. we Mistresses do have needs and, although I normally prefer to be serviced by my muscular boudoir slave, I hate to keep my pussy waiting when it is eager to be filled. The only answer was to fit Violet with a good-sized dildo gag and lie her down on the floor so that she could slide the rubber cock into my pussy as I squatted comfortably over her face. I'm sure you will not be surprised to hear that I made the slavegirl do all of the work, moving her head up and down to pleasure me steadily through the crotch-opening of my tight-fitting, black, rubber catsuit. She had just got into a pleasing rhythm and I was starting to enjoy myself when I realised that we were perhaps not alone! Peeping through the branches in this quiet, ancient woodland was a hooded pervert. I could see from the way that the leaves were rustling in his hidey-hole that he was wanking himself silly while watching the intimate vaginal examinations I had prepared for my slavegirl. Luckily, like all wankers, he was so busy pumping his right hand up and down his pathetic little cock that I was able to pounce on him and drag him protesting into the long grass. His arse was now mine and Violet's - and he was going to suffer for his peeping Tom perversions. Between us Violet and I forced him down to the ground, tied him hand and feet and then decided that he would have to pay a fearsome price for his bad behaviour. Luckily, we both had good-sized strap-on cocks with us, so the hapless man was soon being spit-roasted with one dildo thrust down his throat to stimulate a pleasing gagging reflex, while the other was pumped in and out of his rear hole. Obeying my instructions, Violet took first turn at the arse-end while I busied myself filling the pervert's mouth with fingers and my dildo thrusting ever deeper down his throat. But it wasn't long before we decided a change of ends was in order so that we could each get maximum fun while our captive got maximum pain. The weak little male we were tormenting did have one good use for we two women. He was the ideal test subject for a new and special gag which I could not resist bringing back from my recent trip to a German fetish convention in Munich. The device has a wide urinal-shaped funnel which can be adjusted to a variety of positions for a Mistress's comfort as she drip-feeds her nectar into an unwilling slave's mouth. A tight, leather, head harness ensures that the piss-gag stays in place until I decide to remove it. Needless to say, after a hot day's filming, outdoors in the sun with frequent water, tea and coffee breaks, both Violet and I were desperate to go to the loo. We took it in turns to dribble watersports into the funnel so that the victim had no choice other than to swallow copious amounts of piss from both of us. Now, to be totally truthful, I must confess that both of us got our aim a little wrong on several occasions which meant that the wretch was soon dripping wet with our special champagne pooling around his body inside the tight rubber pervert's outfit that he had chosen to wear. We left him to dry out in the sun, pausing only to grab a magnificent bouquet of fresh stinging nettles to wipe around his testicles before we left. His little cries of gratitude for our kindness was music to our ears after a long day's outdoor work exploring each other's 'lady bits' in a way that you will never get to see- unless you decide to join the growing band of followers becoming members of my club film site: at www.thebondagemistressclub.com.

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