A Star is Born

Dec 19, 2012

 Today has been an eventful day. After a very early start with the heated roller and a rushed drive to the chiropractor I landed back home to make a short promotional video for a national television broadcaster. Unfortunately this had been delayed somewhat due to my lack of voice and lack of mobility in my shoulder that I’m pleased to report both have returned with a vengeance. Starting in just say that suggestion was radically rejected; Mistresses UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES wash dishes. Filling a kettle seemed just about acceptable so that’s how the film starts.

Moving on from there, my subbie of the day hadn’t been consulted about his staring roll but luckily for him, Id cast and selected him to be the ‘body part’ of the day. Let me say that you subs have it easy, poor Mistress with no chance to read her script was plunged into a whirlwind costume, room and lighting change with but moments to spare between. What’s more, at the end of a very busy shoot and session schedule I’m sitting here editing the raw footage and periodically attending to my trussed package. It seems only fair that I should keep him here whilst i finish my tasks of the day and night. My cells are available for him and let’s just say if i don’t manage to finish ill bundle him off and leave him chained there for far longer than he had bargained for.

I’ve managed to stick a few images of my day on twitter for those of you who are interested, so check them out, the link is on my site. So here I am, 8.15pm with no respite, but then again would I have it any other way?

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