A word to the Wise

May 2, 2013

 Nothing so befits a slave as perfect faithfulness to the objects of all his desires i.e. ME. But there are many ways of being unfaithful: in thought as well as in reality. So when one of my flock started commenting favourably on the beauty and attributes of another mistress friend of mine, I realised it was time to remind him who is Mistress really is! Now to be fair to the poor subbie in question, I had allowed him the privilege of a double domme session with my colleague and it is true that she is both beautiful and highly skilled at the dark arts of BDSM but that is not really any excuse for him to go on about how deeply she had fisted him and how sweet her pussy smelled when she sat on his face in tight leather shorts. To paraphrase an old motto of the Boy Scout movement: 'a slave must be clean in thought, word and deed.'
The only answer was to give my subbie a thorough workout in the dungeon and medical clinic at Hanwell Towers today in order to ram home - preferably deep into his arse - where his loyalties will always lie. It seemed fitting to start with a total soaking in my w/s box (sort of 'marking out my territory' I suppose) but his main course was in the medical clinic where all of my medical equipment is tailor-made for the job of behaviour modification.

I left him to mop up and lick clean the watersports box whilst I prepared a few electrical and other treats in the clinic. His little subbie eyes lit up with pleasure (well actually... I suppose it might have been fear!) when he saw all the leads and plugs and clamps and needles that I had laid out ready and waiting for his flesh.

Because of the seriousness of his offences it was not enough for him to suffer today: I wanted him to thank me for every painful tweak and then ask for more. As always what Mistress wants, Mistress gets and I spent a happy few hours ensuring that my property will never even think of another woman again without my explicit permission. I know that he would never have strayed anyway - but it is fun to yank on one's pet's choke chain once in a while, isn't it?

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