A World Away!

Jul 29, 2012

Its always an honour to have visitors from overseas, those who have made the trip over  and included some special playtime, especially when the people are from such far destinations as Singapore. This was the case with a married couple looking to experience different scenes at Hanwell Manor. Due to the humidity, latex is not used over there in the same way in which we, with our cooler climates enjoy.

Therefore with my range of bodybags, strait jackets, hoods and gags it was time to introduce the kinky pair to all of my armoury. Both subs got the chance to feel the restrictive power of being zipped in latex, strapped to my bench and suffer my electrics, hooded and gagged whilst I  simultaneously worked with one to the other.

The dear lady of the pair expressed a wish to be 'prisoner style' chained and secured. This gave me some scope for access to tease with my magic wand whilst electrics pulsed pleasurably whilst she was suspended and gagged on my sling. Her partner listened to our games, piecing the puzzle of play whilst unable to see (the wanking machine worked its magic slowly so both slaves were subject to prolonged tease and denial via different methods).

Of course gadgets are my thing and the fucking machine needed to be brought into play. I moved my sexual prisoner to the whipping bench to pump, pump, pump away.

I couldn't leave my bagged prisoner for too long, he needed to be displayed in some stunning black and blue latex, bound upright to suffer some almost ballet style shoes. Revelling in his discomfort, I offered an olive branch, such a simple task of walking from one side of the room to the other without holding on and I would remove them, see how kind I am!!! Easier said than done of course.

Upstairs next and more bondage for both. Quite enjoying putting the male slave through his paces, what better  way to make him work for a prize then bind him on the floor hogtie style over a straight jacket to see if he could shuffle his was across the room to my wonderful high heels???

Never wishing to leave a slave out, my lady on the table, trapped in more rubber, needed pleasing. It was time to bring the now sweating slave from the floor to lend a hand. Of course 'a' hand is the operative word as the other was tied round the back, his legs roped to the table.....

What a fun day! As you can imagine a long elaborate session such as this generates a lot of washing, Thanks to my behind the scenes assistant whom without I couldn't manage.

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