Dec 22, 2014

 Wow.... what a very busy couple of month this has been for me: packed full of personal achievements, the kinkiest of fun sessions, naughty games with both men and women friends and a lot of hard work reorganising not only my Hanwell Towers premises but also the vast collection of videos available for all on my ever-popular members' club site. So, the first thing I want to do is to apologise for the lack of blogs in recent weeeks and to promise that I will make it up to you all by posting far more frequent accounts of my life and fetish games in the coming New Year. The best thing I can do is start with a few catch-ups of what's been happening since last we spoke.

As many of you will know, I've been training for my karate black belt and was confident of gaining it this autumn. Then, nature intervened and I was ill for weeks with a chest infection that stopped me training properly and threatened for a while to stop me achieving this long-sought-after goal. Luckily, I got better just in time to go-ahead with my grading and just scraped through my test. Being the hardest of task-mistresses, even with myself, I was disappoointed not to have sailed through head and shoulders above my counterparts, but 'a pass is a pass' and so I am now the proud possessor of the karate black belt I have coveted for so long.

While all of this was going on, I decided to complete the refurbishment of my Hanwell premises with a re-painted and re-organised suspension room to match my magnificent new medical clinic which has been exciting and delighting clients both old and new. That all goes hand in hand with my attempts to clear out and sell a lot of the older equipment which is no longer up to my exacting bondage and domination standards. To show off the beauty of my new rooms, I've starred in several photo-shoots and plan to post those pictures on my club site over the coming weeks to let those who haven't been to see me for a while exactly what they are missing.

Ofc ourse, none of the above has stopped my enjoying some memorable sessions in recent weeks, including a two-day long session with my loyal subbie Mirandite to celebrate the ending of his chastity device confinement that has been in place for almost a year. My, my... doesn't time fly when a Mistress is holding a chastity key and having fun watching her subs suffer? And speaking of suffering, I had the most wonderful day with my pretty little slavegirl Beauvoir and a male client who both suffered delightfully at my kinky hands. The day flew by with lots of double bondage of their naked bodies and some deliciously kinky games in the medical clinic. I've also been working closely with another Domme friend of mine, the amazing Miss Mighty Powerful, and have captured some great sequences on film for your future viewing pleasure.

As you may know there are also some new, rather ridiculous porn laws that have come into effect for members' sites such as mine and that's necessitated a lot of rearranging of my videos that i know you enjoy so much to remove and re-edit content that has now been banned. Luckily, when I looked closely, I realised that the site is still packed to overflowing with a rich store of my naughtiest fun-and-games for you to enjoy - with even more to come as usual over the coming months. I'm confident that the content is still as legally kinky as you are going to find anywhere and that my club membership remains as great value as it always has been.

On the fun side, I've been designing an exciting new range of high-quality, metal bondage equipment (watch this space and I had a lot of fun with the members of my closest inner circle of friends and devotees at the annual Hanwell Towers office Christmas party. We ended up in a Soho karaoke Club where everyone was looking forward to hearing my rendition of a range of bondage-related songs. Unfortunately the evening out coincided with me losing my voice so I had to be content with torturing them all in other ways than hearing me sing. Now, with Christmas upon us, I am planning my Iceland trip and looking forward already to the New Year for lots more kinky fetish and bondage fun with you all.

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