After A Long Days Work..

Jun 26, 2013

The best thing in the world for a bondage mistress is to see the object of her desire securely roped and tied with no hope of escape. You might think that after my normal day , working hard to keep my grateful subs in their rightful place, that the last thing on God's earth that I would want would be to continue in the same vein when I arrive home.... but that is far from being the case. My after-hours play reflect my daytime activities, but with a difference.

My loyal boudoir slave gets to experience what all of my stable of slaves only get to fantasise about; the full extent of his mistress's pleasure when I am determined to enjoy and satisfy every aspect of my carnal lust, love and desire. It's all to easy to forget that we all need our boxes ticking in a variety of ways and I see at first hand the way in which some subs compartmentalise their lives, wondering if they could ever include their significant others in their favourite activity but not knowing how to approach such a tricky matter. From personal experience (and failed past relationships) I believe that honesty is usually the best policy. Plus, I'm a pretty useless liar!! I'm fortunate to say that being upfront from the start has afforded me many memorable experiences even though the trials and tribulations of life often limit our leisure and extend our working day.

Luckily, despite the late hour and the looming pressure of an early morning start, caution was thrown to the wind and play with my boudoir slave commenced. Playing in a dungeon is great, but it doesn't offer the familiar comfort of my own bed, and, of course, my work and playspace is decidedly not designed to offer a 'recovery snooze'....yet. But, home sweet home, with my delicious super king size bed (a necessary accessory in my bedroom for sure) offers a range of options including two side stitched handles plus useful accessible corners that are perfect for looping ropes. The main concern is remembering to remove and rehide the play-pieces when all you want to to is fall into a blissful sleep (I try not to scare the cleaning lady wherever possible).

Now, I'm going to wander off topic for a moment as I've just recalled a funny story. A dominant (non professional) female friend of mine has a terrible habit of over-sleeping. The curb this affliction, she purchased the loudest alarm clock known to man or beast, guaranteed to wake the dead. As it was an old fasioned manual bell configuration, it was usually left out on the landing to ensure the aforesaid lady shifted her lazy ass out of bed to turn it off... and voila, problem solved.

This particular day, the lady and gentlemen of the house had planned a weekend away. 'Nothing strange there,' I hear you cry. They had, however, forgotten the super alarm clock and had left it in the bedroom. It went off at 7am while they were away, vibrated itself off of the bedside table, rolled under the bed and became entangled, still ringing, in all of the paraphernalia of chains and stocks and sex toys that all reputable domes keep under their beds. Alas for my dear friend, the elderly neighbour who was charged with the duty of cat-feeding, heard this racket and set about retrieving the clock....enough said. Embarrassment factor 1000, I feel.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. Boudiour slave strapped, ready and raring for action. I'm naturally in charge, keeping my helpless male desperate and gagging for my attention. No point in rushing to give way to carnal lust, let me make him wait, he has a long night ahead after all. Although I am used to having every conceivable form of fetish equipment ready to hand at work, it is surprising how effective a few choice pieces of kit can be at home. I naturally have my favourites, but using my body to pin and press in conjunction with my ropes always works well. I can't help barking orders as always: taking my work home with me is a double-edged sword.

Needless to say, we finished our play in the wee hours... now where's the noisy alarm clock when you need one! Actually, I'm a light sleeper, even when tired. Coffee however does have its virtues and can kick-start me as I face another long and varied day. But that is a story for another day and another blog yet to come.

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