All About Control

Jan 14, 2015

Some of my more needy slaves just adore being controlled in every possible way, both inside and outside of my dungeon, but naturally they have to earn the privilege of Mistress's attention by suffering in ways which might amuse and entertain me. With the start of the New Year come resolutions and goals towards which my subbies can strive for my approval in 2015. Starting as I mean to go on throughout the year, I dressed for some serious domination in my clinic this week, wearing my green, hospital latex operating dress and matching surgeon's rubber cap. My patient in the Hanwell clinic was also suitably attired as a rubber maid ready for a session in which he was to learn the true meaning of frustration by being strapped down and fitted with my milking machine, relentlessly pumping away on his cock but set at such a slow, steady speed that there was no chance of him earning the release he so desperately craved. I was happy to add to my control over his mind by detailing how his breathing was going to be strictly controlled by yours truly and how he was to be taught to become a human wanking machine that I may use on other slaves in order for me to save on electricity that powers the variety of wanking machines I regularly use in the dungeon. I had a lot of fun dragging a series of embarrassing and humiliating confessions out of this slave: a game he loves because it makes him feel so vulnerable that I maintain a horde of suitable blackmail material, stored away for his fantasy that I might use it against him if he fails to come up to the high standards I set for those in my service. We both know that in reality, my discretion is absolute, with no exceptions, but I do so enjoy moulding my sessions to squeeze every drop of my subbies' secret fears out from the deep recesses of their kinky minds. Even before the session started, I gave this particualar slave a rare and special treat and gave in to his begging request that he might be allowed to buy me lunch. It is such a treat for him to accompany his Mistress out in public, although little does he know what a voracious appetite I have and how expensive such an occasion could be. In this cae, however, his wallet was lucky because as many of you will know, I am currently in the middle of a fiercely-fought wager with my partner over who will eat the least number of fattening puddings and other treats. My iron will in such matters meant that I regretfully had to turn down the chance to eat some delicious and expensive dishes off the lunchtime menu. My slave begged me to take control of his credit card and take whatever amount I might wish but - although I'm happy to play such games as a pure fantasy - I've never been into such forms of financial domination and so we settled for a token few pounds for the sake of making him ecstatically happy. It did prompt us, however, to make some detailed plans as to how this slave might serve me as the year unfolds. He now knows that I will require his regular attendance at my chambers and that there will be a 'slave tax' for every climax he achieves either in or out of my dungeon. I may allow him a suitable tattoo to show his complete devotion and I've even agreed that he may buy me some new fetish outfits from some of the top-of-the-range suppliers I regularly use and that I will consider in due course if he has earned the right to a slave contract with me and the opportunity to become my owned and utterly controlled slave. That is a privilege allowed to only a small and select band of submissives so we will have to see how the year progresses. He will need to meet my highest standards... or else! Bookmark and Share
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