An Evening to Remember

May 6, 2013

What better way to remind a captive of his predicament than to demonstrate an element of surprise by throwing an extra pair of hands into the scene. My long standing owned slave was presented nicely on my medical couch (like a lamb to the slaughter in every sense of the word). Wearing my long black latex gloves is a visual trigger for this particular participant to show that devilment will follow, the question is how? Introducing my hypnotic mantra alongside the necessary medical stimulation to hit the subconscious and conscious brain waves that the same time, I feel that subbies receptive to all the necessary manipulation to get fully into the scene. I’ve got some real humiliation ‘tests’ in hand, all I need is the appropriate slave to assist.

Hooded, prepared and in the right head space, enter stage left, subbie no 2. He has been having a bit of a one man home party himself and shows evidence of total subservience on entry. I can see his eyes flicker across to my medical experiment, the look of shock at the sight that is in front of him, but that dances across his eyes merely for the briefest of seconds before he is moved to my bondage chair to await his fate. I can already hear the questions from you, ‘what shock??’ I hear you ponder. To divulge just the briefest of details, I’ve been busy with a permanent marker pen across my slaves flesh, writing the necessary messages to help calve into his psyche his situation. Huge black ‘SLAVE’ text adorns his chest, ‘CUM SLUT’ details across his arms…and lots more that are even less printable. “What”, you may ask, “is this human newspaper going to do?

Heading into the bondage room, I’ve hooked slave no 2 to my electro-stim device, tied his hands, balls, nipples and throat all in the necessary adornment befitting my BDSM paradise. Crawling along side, my new subservient human dustbin, an empty vessel ready to be filled, used, and violated in all the wonderful depraved ways he so loves. I can’t help but smile wryly as I squeeze the electrics on my seated captive, using my boot heel to trample the other wretch as the same time. Similarly I’m equally entertained at stroking one cock whilst punishing the other, Mistresses can multi task with ease.

As I’m sure you can see, this session is all about headspace, all about drama and evoking deep senses of submission. Fear, hope, joy, terror and so much more can whirl at a thousand miles an hour around the faces of my playthings. If I’m in a dark, sadistic mood, you will know. If I’m in a teasing, pleasing mood you will comply. Fun things happen to those who wait…..


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