An unusual View

Apr 10, 2015

 Watching yourself being tortured is not everyone’s cup of tea but one slave in one of my last sessions before my holiday grew more and more excited after I taped video specs around his head and let him watch his own mistreatment in glorious close-up. He was seeing the view of his own backside from my video camera mounted on a tripod beside my whipping bench as his arse cheeks were reddened with blow after blow from a selection of my vast range of CP instruments. The beauty of the game was that I could see him flinch even before each paddle stroke landed because he was watching what was coming and anticipating the pain to come.
Naturally, to make things even more interesting for him, I had already filled his arse with one of my metal butt plugs and attached the wires to the electrics. It meant that as the session rolled on for hour after hour I could change the position of the camera to show him a view of the electrics power control box and a close-up of my fingers slowly increasing the power to higher and higher levels: visual evidence for the wretch of why the jolts pumping into his rear were getting harder and harder as time went by.
In this long session, I had already given the slave a warm-up for the torment to come by strapping him onto my medical bench and introducing him to the delights of my piss bubble-breathing jar. It’s a relatively simple arrangement in which the only air he can breathe is first bubbled through hoses and through a jar containing his Mistress’s precious and deliciously-scented golden nectar. I let him watch through his video specs as I produced some fresh champagne to fill the jar; a rare treat which I could see had increased his excitement levels almost to bursting point. When the breathing tube was attached to the top and he got the first scent of his Mistress’s fluids, I thought he was going to explode, but he was under strict orders not to cum until I so ordered and I’m glad to say he found the strength not to disobey me in this important aspect of his training.

As the hours of torment rolled on for my subbie, I teased and denied him multiple times by attaching his cock to my Magic Wand vibrator or to the sucking tubes of my Venus wanking machine, until he was crying with frustration. He has been whinging and whining for a long session with me for some time and I know was hoping (and probably praying to the gods of BDSM) that I would finally take pity and give him the orgasm that he craves at my hands. What a pathetic fool he is: he should know his Mistress well enough by now to know that the more he wants sexual release the less likely I am to grant it.

In the end I found an unexpected and pressing reason to suddenly call the session to an end and simply teased him with more minor humiliations for a while longer before dismissing him, frustrated and desperate to await my return from the USA, when I might deal with him again: we shall see what sort of mood Mistress is in after my holiday. Keep hoping slave!

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