Anal Hooks and Academia‏

Dec 14, 2013

Surprise surprise, today is a good day for bondage, I think to myself as my slave crawls into view. Now I have to admit, 'crawling' into view may be a bit of an over-exaggeration: generally I don't get people crawling around on the floor unless they've specifically asked me for that sort of treatment because it is their 'thing.' If, however, tight bondage, rubber encasement, medical scenes or being mistreated with electrics are all on your 'No' list then you have probably stumbled across the wrong mistress. On the other hand, if just reading about these particular fetishes begins to stir warm and interesting feelings deep in your loins, then 'Congratulations,' you have taken your first step towards becoming a 'Mirandite:' one of a select band of submissives who so adore me that they become utterly addicted and follow me almost as a religion.

Now that I have you in my power, it's time to show you exactly what a vast range of games I can play with you whenever I wish. For today's lesson I've decided that I will demonstrate that, contrary to popular belief, I can teach an old dog new tricks. My client today is not the youngest kid on the block (although neither is he the oldest male on my books) So, Yes, he is something of an old dog, a rather poor, half-rabid, mangy sort of creature who, of course, keeps coming back again and again however badly I treat him and however often I kick him out. Letting this same imagery flow here, I  am going to take this old dog and show him that he can still be far more flexible than he ever imagined.  I can make him hang in the air, covered in a multitude of straps and ropes, or hook his legs in a hogtie on my whipping bench. I must admit this is where the overhead electric hoist can be useful in conjunction with my leg stirrups; suddenly your arms do stretch around your back and get fixed into place. Hurrah, your heavy duty collared head is fixed back, your legs pinned apart but ankles raised, hands and arms secured with harnesses and straps but best of all the huge anal hook links it all together, meaning that even the slightest movement tells tales of woe on your over-filling prostate.  Yes, this is the story of M.... mistress having all those delicate parts exposed, accessible, vulnerable and suddenly with the flick of my box, electrified. Dear me, there I go again! forgetting to add that your balls are tied and fixed to your big toes. Wriggle at your peril. Oh Yes, and I've just remembered that your cock is wrenched backwards and down, another part of you that you didn't expect to be bound and held in such an unnatural direction, especially when rock hard.

All these parts will actually bend as I want them, given enough leverage! The fascinating thing for me is that you would imagine that, given all this stretching, bending, tying and tormenting, this hapless male would bolt for the door? No, he is just as willing and wanting to try the next challenge as am I. My God, I think to myself, I must be on such a roll of ideas because it seems that my slave of the past 8 years has never had any of this before. In fact, he remarks that he has never known any of my sessions to be the same in all those years of visiting me, That's no surprise to me because I never do the same thing twice (unless you want me to and specifically request a repeat of something you have found fun in an earlier session.) Well, you wouldn't want your mistress getting bored now, would you?
Just to show you what a varied life your Mistress leads, I should tell you that today I've been attending a high-powered academic conference on ways in which we can all help keep children safe from the perils of internet porn. Yes, you did read that correctly! I am a massive fan of providing porn for grown-ups but, like many others in the 'adult' industry, I'm always concerned to keep such material out of the hands of children. It was a point I made forcefully when I was invited to be one of a limited number of delegates to speak at a London conference organised by ATVOD, the Government quango now regulating the video-on-demand internet industry. The thing I found most interesting was that the massed ranks of the vanilla 'great and the good' attending the conference did genuinely want to listen to the views of pornography producers like me. After all, who better to discuss ideas of keeping pornography away from children that those of us who have been producing it for decades. It was a fascinating meeting of minds from two sides of a very varied sexual spectrum. What a happy mix of a day!

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