Anal Sluts 25th Visit - An account

Dec 6, 2014

 My 25th visit to Hanwell Towers marked my 1st anniversary of my servitude to Mistress Miranda, and I was hoping for a seriously memorable session. And I was not disappointed!
As agreed earlier in the day, I was greeted at the door by Student Sherry, who showed me through to the shower and changing facilities to get prepared. As I walked past the medical bench, I saw preparations were well in hand with the lubes, needles, and 4” diameter butt plug already at hand for Mistress Miranda, who would join us shortly.

Sherry assisted me into my customary latex rubber outfit before leading me to the suspension room. I was ordered to my knees while Sherry knelt comfortably over the whipping bench and ordered me to worship her! How could I refuse? While I was wholly occupied with keeping Sherry happy, Mistress Miranda entered and put an end to our playtime. A few minutes later I found myself back in the familiar position of bound down tightly to the medical bench with a hood over my head seriously restricting my vision. I was quickly connected to Mistress’ breathplay machinery and began my journey to a much darker place. Mistress moved swiftly to the far end of the bench and a few gloved & lubed fingers were swiftly finding their way into my butt. Within 2 minutes, a gentle push and she was all the way in. “Oh no”, I whimpered, “I am such an anal slut”. I had yet again opened up in minutes to be fisted. Miranda continued to push in and draw back her arm to open up my sphincter. And then the internal massage began, opening and rotating her fingers: long fingers stretched out, and then back to a fist, continually working my back passage open. Sherry was instructed to take my mind off the assault on my anus, which she achieved very successfully by first pinching my nipples between her finger nails, then teeth. I was beginning to hit the sub-space as the strangely weird hot/cold sensation hit my nipples was added to the glorious stretching that occurring to my lower colon.

More breath play allowed Mistress to then extend her fisting to 2 hands, slowly pushing one hand in, then allowing the other to slide over the top until both were buried in me, and then gently rotated from side-to-side, and back in and out. Sherry in the meantime was kneeling on the arm rests of the medical bench giving me a fantastic view of her undercarriage, which I was powerless to reach, driving me to utter distraction.

Eventually, Mistress Miranda withdrew both hands, and replaced with just one. By this stage, my anal muscles had relaxed so far that one hand was barely touching the sides, it felt like her middle finger alone! Until she started heading deeper up my rectum. I noticed that for sure!
At some stage shortly after that Sherry left us, and Mistress Miranda then decided to up the ante.
The breath-play became repeated, leaving my head muddled, and my body apparently floating and swaying gently above the bed. Despite now being in a fully enclosed hood, I could see stars like fireworks crossing my field of vision. 2 pairs of nipple clamps were swiftly replaced with needles tenderly pushed through my nipples, causing one of those head rushes that can only be experienced in the hands of the most skilled dominatrixes.

But this was just a prelude to the electric treatment across my sore little buds. Mistress Miranda squeezed each nipple severely between her finger tips, first this way, then that, really hard. As the effects of the breathplay retreated, my nipples felt like they were on fire. And all I wanted, needed, was Mistress to do it again and again. Which of course, at my humble request, she did.
As our time drew towards the end of our extended session, my anal canal now felt like just like that – a canal – that had no resistance left in it. It felt like Mistress Miranda’s arm was buried in there half way up to her elbow, and yet I wanted more. She drew out the infamous Hitachi Wand. 5 seconds on - lightly against my penis, 20 seconds off. And again, and again and again. I just managed to hold back for seemingly 15 minutes. Just leaking pre-cum, possiblyt the closest thing I have ever come to a continuous rolling orgasm, where I was held about a 1mm from the edge.

And then I was taken over the edge, and my vision blacked out. My back arched as my cock exploded.
I have never come like that - ever.
I can only hope that Mistress Miranda and Sherry can repeat the experience with me in my next session, which is not too long away. More sleepless nights over the next fortnight as I relive the experience of a lifetime, and prepare for the next visit.


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