Anyone for Doubles???

May 5, 2013

Mixing a double session of two slaves for their first meet is a fun treat for any dominant, especially when it’s one particular slaves first bi experience. I can only imagine the heart racing, sweat inducing night’s sleep my subbies endured the night before….and if they thought that working their way into the Chamber of Delights in Hanwell would make things easier than they were sorely mistaken. Starting with both subs hooded certainly helps to get them both in the mood, they are here to play submit and enjoy my plans, seeing them through without question of course.

The session needed a mixture of things, both subs made to watch as each other endured my torment of choice (this works well at the beginning as there is undoubtedly a bit of bravado between slaves to see whom can tolerate the most, or at least who can appear to tolerate without a fuss), each slave needed to interact with the other at some point or more importantly be introduced to the other slaves cock! I also feel that some double predicament bondage is defiantly on the cards before some one to one time with me.

I’ve decided to torment ‘Slave 1’ on the bondage chair, stretching his nipples into action, pulling on the chord overhead and tying his cock and balls. Electrics are placed onto his lower man regions whist the nipple chord pulls across his face, every attempt to watch me in action with ‘Slave 2’ means tipping the head forward and punishing his own nipples. Every futile attempt to wriggle from the current brings discomfort in the balls from the bondage.
I next busy myself with Slave 2 on the whipping bench. He has been neglecting his A-levels recently and these needs to be kicked into touch straight away. Producing a line of ever larger strap-ons, my bondage slut need to be more relaxed to help take these cocks, they are NOT going away without usage that’s for sure. Perhaps some spit-roasting will be on the cards, he needs to be ready after all.

The next position is my most favourite of all. I’ve rigged both slaves in a harness facing each other. I know, hetro men do not like to be put in close quarter, surely you know that is like a red rag to a bull in my place! Both tied to a hoist, body harnessed and fixed, two sets of nipple clamps are produced for each slave and a very long piece of elastic stretching between. Yes, you have guessed it, the elastic keeps on being shortened by yours truly and voila, the pair are shuffling, struggling and wiggling there way towards each other to slacken the elastic pull. Low and behold, their pair of cocks are getting closer and closer to the point that I have to trust my available strap-on between them both and make it a triple cock fest. “Surly your Mistress wouldn’t produce a whip and test your position resolve, surly you wouldn’t be put under the additional strain of holding whilst the blows land, movement does indeed cause tremendous pain in the nipple vicinity?” To add insult to injury, I have to tie their balls together too; it just has to be done.

Finally, we all move upstairs for more fun and games, let’s just summarise by saying that all left with a happy smile and spring in there step.

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