Anyone for Melons?

Feb 4, 2014

I think it was the worried look on my slave’s face when he saw his balls inflated to the size of large grapefruits that made my latest medical game of ‘scrotal inflation’ such fun for me. Just one bag of saline infused by needle into the scrotal sac and this slave became putty in my hands as he watched his bollocks grow larger and larger before his eyes, with no idea of exactly when my alter ego, Nurse Despair might call a halt to her game. Of course, even before the essential treatment began, the wretch was scared witless as I strapped him tight to the medical bench and showed him the needle I was about to insert into his ball-sac. He grew even more fearful when I explained that Nurse would not be happy until her entire bag of sterile saline was forming a large balloon between his legs and sloshing unhindered around his crown jewels.

Now, for those slaves who have not had the pleasure of inflation before, I should explain that, like all of the many medical procedures at Hanwell Towers Clinic, every piece of equipment is always sterilised to beyond hospital standards and nothing Nurse does will ever result in permanent damage to a slave’s body; even though a treatment such as scrotal inflation can leave you in suitable discomfort and humiliation for some hours. The treatment starts with a small prick (well a very small prick in the case of this somewhat under-endowed slave) as nurse slides the needle under the skin at the base of the cock so that its hollow tip enters the sac enclosing the testicles. My slave reported that it was ‘a little painful’ when the needle went in - although why he thought I would care a flying fuck about his pain is beyond me! In fact, I usually carry out inflation with a series of injections which makes it more painful for my slaves but because I had received a kind donation of some bags of saline I thought I would return to basics and drip-feed it instead. The saline bags suitable for the process are not easy to come by and I would be interested in hearing of anyone who knows of a reliable source.

Over the next half-an-hour or so I had the fun of watching the raised saline drip bag gradually empty as gravity fed the fluid gently into my slave’s body. It is a time-consuming business but while the drip is feeding in and my subbie is strapped to the bench it does give me time to do other things as well. My medical volunteer’s running commentary told me that the sensation of his sac filling created a dull ache, but nothing like as much pain as I usually dish out as part of his regular training regime. He also reported that his balls were cold - but then, perhaps, I should have remembered to warm the fluid a little after removing it from my medical fridge. Silly Nurse Despair! I made a note to myself that next time this particular slave will be firmly gagged before the operation commences to avoid him moaning about how scary the procedure was.
All too soon the bag was almost empty and it was time to withdraw the needle and enjoy the result of all my hard work. One of the fascinating things about this Hanwell treatment is that it’s possible to vary the results depending upon the position of the infusion needle. In this case I decided to create a one-sided inflation, with the slave’s right bollock pumped up to grapefruit size, whilst his left testicle sac remained almost normal size. Because the fluid also seeps into the skin around the penis, it has the effect of pumping that up a little, although the one-side effect simply makes it bend over almost at right angles rather than standing straight and proud. It is a bit academic because as more fluid drained into his body then this slave’s small cock was engulfed in his own bollocks anyway.

I kept my slave serving me at Hanwell for the remainder of the day. His waddling, open-legged walk to try and avoid crushing his own oversized balls was hilarious as he ran errands, cooked and cleaned for his Mistress. After eight hours or so, the swelling was clearly going down and he was dismissed; he later told me that everything was back to its normal, pindick size by the following day.

It is always useful for me to have some slaves to add to my human guinea-pig trials. Such procedures are not for everyone but anyone interested should watch out for upcoming details of dates where I will be working at my Hanwell clinic with a fellow medical fetishist, Lady Annisa. It means that you too could have the pleasure of being experimented upon by not one, but two, experienced and very cruel naughty nurses: an opportunity NOT to be missed.

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