Oct 16, 2013

 What could be better than having your beloved Mistress slide her latex-gloved fist deep into your arse? The answer is having both me and my slavegirl Sherry taking turns to explore your rear whilst you remain helplessly strapped with your legs wide apart on my medical bench. That was the lucky fate awaiting one of my slaves this weekend as I continued training Sherry in the delightful arts of domination. Pretty little Sherry is becoming a more accomplished ‘switch’ week by week, always submissive only to me, but now happy to torment, tease and dominate all you lucky submissives out there in Miranda-land. As my latest subbie found out to his cost, Sherry and I now make the perfect domme tag-team, with me handing over my already tormented and prepared slaves to her tender care for her unique brand of slave-training, sexual frustration and torture with a gentle loving smile.

Sherry and I do have slightly different styles, of course, but just like me she now demands and expects instant and unquestioning obedience from every slave fortunate enough to fall into our clutches at Hanwell Towers. It was gratifying to see the look of happy concentration on Sherry’s face as her fist slid gently into my slave’s arse and she started letting her rubber-gloved fingers spread wide to explore his prostate and make him wriggle a little in my medical clinic. If truth be told I had made her passage a little easier by already repeatedly stretching his ring with my own rubber-gloved fist, but I don’t want to take anything away from Sherry’s achievement in mastering the fisting technique that will benefit many a slave in the future. On this occasion I lingered a little to torment the slaves’s nipples and ensure that he was utterly compliant to whatever my colleague might have wanted to do to his body, but I now feel totally happy to hand over my slaves to her care in the certain knowledge that they will be properly mistreated by her until I’m ready to take over their discomfort and humiliation once again.

Over the course of the evening, my subbie was treated to a lengthy tag-team session by two beautiful nurses in every room of my Hanwell dungeons. Sherry dealt with the wretch upstairs where strict bondage, high-level electrics and breath-control were on her menu, whilst I got on with some of the many admin tasks that are required behind the scenes to keep my business empire running smoothly. I could hear his squeals and moans of discomfort growing ever-louder as Sherry indulged her passion for tweaking the electrics box just a little bit higher whenever the fancy takes her. I never know, however, precisely what sexy little minx Sherry might be doing to the men she controls, and some of the little moans and gasps I heard sounded suspiciously as though they came from female lips rather than from a male sub. Might Sherry perhaps have been using my magic wand vibrator on herself in front of a poor, frustrated and tightly-bound subbie once again?

Having joined the two of them for a while to increase his torment, I then took him downstairs for my own solo fun whilst my friend took her own well-earned break. Alone again with me, my slave was soon driven to distraction by a combination of my Serious Kit milking machine, my clinic rebreathing techniques and by being made to drink a unique watersports cocktail to which both Sherry and I had kindly contributed as the session continued. As all of my slaves know, there is rarely any shortage of warm house champagne when I am around, but one advantage of having two Mistresses working together is the instant availability of two slightly different flavoured drinks to savour and compare.

For the finale of our evening, Sherry joined me once again to increase my much-frustrated slave’s sexual needs to the limit by her becoming my own submissive slavegirl and bending her naked rear over my whipping bench in the suspension room. Of course, I would never have been wicked enough to make my subbie sit close behind her, right between her legs and within licking distance of her pert little bottom, would I? How humiliating and frustrating would that have been for the wretch? And how very desperate would have been to cum, with her cute little pussy and open arsehole just inches from his face? Not even I could possibly be that cruel - could I?



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