Artist in Residence

Apr 23, 2013

I always enjoy studying artistic images of BDSM, be they beautiful photographs or creatively drawn images. Each in their own way can explore and illustrate all of the wonderful ways in which a skilled Mistress can suspend, twist, torture or torment the human male body. Yet the special beauty of drawn works is that they can stretch, to the full, all the limitless positions which men will willingly endure in their search for submissive bliss and sexual pleasure. It was a set of such sexy drawings that today took me to refreshing new heights of my own artistic creativity when a slave offered his flesh to me to train and tease into the same shapes and contortions as the pictures depicted. The chance to replicate in reality what the artist had created in his fertile - and somewhat twisted - imagination certainly made my own creative juice flow free.

One drawing that my sub had provided immediately caught my eye. To describe the image in question: a slave was encased in rubber, suspended upside down, his rear plugged with an enema tube which was joined to his mouth which was, in turn, plugged with a gag. A complex web of straps laced up and down his body; an intricate design which was dragging the arms backwards and wrenching the head into an interestingly contorted position. The image was just one of many possible positions that my slave offered up, but this one struck such a chord with me that it became the starting point for the day's 'bondage art experiment'. I immediately dressed my my slave in my newest rubber catsuit from Germany (the lucky sub was in fact the first wearer of this particular restrictive garment) and added a rubber corset. His bondage outfit was completed with gloves, socks (rubber of course) a further waist-clinching corset, hood, collar... and finally a gag, I could tell my subbie was already more than a little excited and apprehensive by the time I lay him under the electric hoist and prepared the suspension ankle cuffs.

Once he was totally inverted the first question on mine and his lips was: 'is it possible to drink upside down?' Naturally, conducting an experiment to answer that question had to be our first port of call but. knowing that this slave was going to be tested to the max, I decided to start him out relatively gently with a few small sips of clean, fresh water fed through the tube into his gagged mouth. It was a pleasant surprise when he managed to drink without choking (too much!) and I realised he was ready for some more challenging tasks that would eventually lead up to the full ass-to-mouth, enema-linked experience that his artwork had depicted.

The next step was dictated both by the nature of the experiment and by the fact that my bladder was beginning to feel somewhat full. It seemed only right that the ordinary water from Stage One should be replaced with my watersports as Stage Two. Now, as all my regular slaves know, I am renowned for the watersports quantities I can produce on demand, but once again I started my sub off with a gentle introduction to the delights of inverted piss-drinking. He seemed to cope well as I slowly syringed my house champagne down the tube clamped between his lips. This was a drop by drop process in which I was careful not to satisfy my slave's thirst with too much too quickly. What a very kind and thoughtful Mistress I can be!

So far so good, I thought. But these were, of course, just the first tentative steps towards reproducing the artwork which my sub had shown me. The drawing clearly depicted an enema tube in place and so my upside-down slave's rear was soon prepared, lubricated and plugged. The first small enema I administered was once again with ordinary water but he tolerated that so well that it was quickly replaced with a watersports filling. Then it was an easy task for me to connect up the tube from his arse to the tube in his mouth and sit back to await the inevitable mouth-filling result. I am not, however, the most patient of women when waiting for my slaves to suffer for my pleasure, and it soon became clear that more drastic measure were needed for my sub to be fully distressed in the way I wanted. A further, larger quantity of piss enema was clearly needed.

I could tell from me sub's demeanour that the second filling had brought some limited success to the experiment and so I left his rear and his mouth connected whilst I prepared the next stage in his BDSM art contribution. This was a suspended hogtie that utilised the equipment of my Hanwell suspension room to the full and which, to his credit, my sub withstood well. I had by now removed the tube gag but there did, of course, have to be a price to pay for my kindness: My slave was shown one of my more impressively sized strap-ons and threatened with the possibility of being made to suck cock while still in his challenging hogtied position. The entire process was accompanied by some serious sexual teasing of his own cock and balls and, all too soon, my artistic creation was completed with a successful milking. Picasso would, I feel, have been proud of me.

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