Ascot Dreams

Jun 22, 2011

In preparation for the 'big event' I brought one of my subs in for a session to 'get me into the gambling mood. As my betting is limited to a yearly flutter on the Grand National, I felt it was important to get a feel for the horses early. My sub arrived after an email exchange, to tease and torment, about my plan. However, my suffering slave thought it was merely a wind up, little did he know Mistress had other plans. Picture the scene, Mistress marches in with white jodpurs, riding boots shirt and corset, whip in hand, carrying a bag. Out of the bag emerges a rubber horses head, saddle, rubber 'hoof' mitts and a nice butt plug tail. Despite fits of laughter, a huge gag is fitted to the 'stallion' and with the horse head on top the whole look is complete. I ordered a stallion stud for my stable.....but I have a donkey' I exclaimed!!!!! Let’s just say we were in fits of laughter at the scene, luckily enough a camera was on hand to catch a brief photo (which I will put on the site and you can see here). Although we didn’t continue the scene for more than the first half hour, I can definitely see a film in there somewhere. The good news in the end, I had the stallion I was looking for.

Just as a little aside, I think I should mention that my day at Ascot was not very profitable, for some reason my horse 'World Domination' did not steam into first place. Neither did my other choices. Sherry however managed two 1sts and a 3rd and was up by over £250, what a lucky sod!

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