Ashley Renee LA

Sep 26, 2013

Forcing beautiful bondage model Ashley Renee into a white strait jacket, spreading her legs wide and getting to work, manipulating her pussy with some of my latest new toys has certainly been one of my Los Angeles highlights so far. Hiring a shoot location for just one day does encourage you to make the very best use of one's nine-hour time slot: at the start of the day the time does seem to stretch out invitingly before you. But soon you realise that there are just so many kinky activities to pack in here in L.A. that you need to move on rapidly to make the most of this fascinating play venue. I was filming at 'Stay and Play' in Los Angeles, a unique location that offers some really clear, uncluttered backdrops which have given me the chance to create some particularly classy images that soon will be gracing my club members' site. Based in downtown L.A., the streets here offer a mix of kitch artwork, tucked away, quirky, coffee shops, sandwiched between empty school buses which serve as a roof over the heads of the homeless. The juxtaposition of different neighbourhoods within this one area is unusual to say the least. You can look out on a vista of tall skyscrapers sandwiched in with an industrial estate. Once inside the venue, however, it's easy to forget the surroundings and start making the best possible use of this bondage-friendly location. This shoot was a glorious meeting of minds with everybody involved bringing something kinky, fresh and creative to the table. My friends from the Serious Bondage crew, model Ashley Renee and myself all met up at 10 a.m. and each had our own ideas to add into the filming agenda. The fascinating thing about working with experts such as these guys is that the ideas flow and just when you think things can't get any kinkier, they do! Everything gets a little crazier and even more fun as the day progresses. I had only one regret as the day unfolded: no matter no matter how many fetish outfits I manage to cram into my cases on the flight out from England, it is never enough. My irritation at leaving behind my pink and black latex outfit was compounded when Ashley produced her own latex outfit that would have matched it perfectly! 'Damn,' I thought. Nevertheless, we managed to shoot a large number of scenes and sets of still photographs, starting in the "Stay and Play" medical centre. Ashley and I made exceptionally good use of Dalton, my friend from Serious Bondage who was soon popped securely inside his own rubber bodybag. We had originally intended that he should just stay locked inside as a visual prop in the background of our session but Ashley then decided to torment and tease him by jumping all over his chastity-bound form. She was soon writhing and tormenting him, using her delicious body to the best possible effect. Of course, as soon as I realised that Dalton also had a perfect rubber mask and breathing fitting, my own breath-control urges overcame me and he had to suffer the extreme fun of me holding his air tube, blocking his air supply and even forcing him to rebreathe my exhaled air. What an unexpected treat for him! Shortly after that I got my chance to work on Ashley and her available pussy. I won't spoil all of the video action that will be soon be gracing the pages of my members' site; I will say, however, that one can do amazingly erotic things with my newest metal hook, a Studio-Gum inflatable, rubber bodybag and an inflatable catsuit. I believe Ashley would readily agree that she had an uplifting experience at my hands. The strait jacket was a welcome addition and Ashley also enjoyed (not sure if that is quite the right word!) the closest of encounters with my newest, nine-wheel pinwheel. I had no idea she could be so ticklish in such interesting places. Lastly, but by no means least, the pink, rubber hood that made the Trans-Atlantic journey in my case made its debut. Ashley Renee modelled it to perfection. Knowing me as many of you do, you won't be surprised to hear that one of the best parts of any shoot is the massive 'feed-up' that HAS to occur in order for us all to recover and prepare for tomorrow's busy day. A late-night stop in China Town proved fulfilling to say the least. 'God,' this morning I was up way before 6am... and its now 11p.m. I'm back in my room but have a mountain of rubber outfits to wash and sort out before the morning. I'm also busy, of course, writing this blog to keep you all updated as to my life on the road in the USA. Now... let me peel myself out of these clothes (no peeking you perverts!) and hit that shower. There's lots more erotic excitement awaiting me tomorrow... I can't wait to get started. Bookmark and Share
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