Ass Destruction Day

Apr 19, 2013

 Don’t you just love those days when everything comes together perfectly to achieve your stated aims and the people you work with all pull together to come up with a really satisfying result? Well, that’s just how it all went down at Hanwell Towers today as the lovely Miss Nikki Whiplash and I wielded our biggest and best strap-ons for some serious ass destruction of some of our loyal and long-suffering slaves.

First to taste our combined anal assault was one of my regular subbies who has a terrible fear of suffocation and so instantly promoted himself as the target for some of our wickedest games. As a prelude to the strap-on fun still to come, Nikki and I set about reducing this hapless individual to a whimpering wreck on my bondage bench. Strapped down and helpless, he seemed to develop trouble with his breath control: probably not helped, I admit, by we two women clamping our gloved hands tightly across his face so that his only air had to be sucked in through our rubber-clad fingers. It was such fun to see him gradually slip into panic-mode, but all too soon we separated out with Nikki sitting tightly across his face whilst I busied myself stretching and binding and separating his balls.

From then on it was turn-and-turn about, with either she or me pressing our leather-clad bottoms down across his windpipe and alternately taking it in turns to stretch his rear open with either strap-ons or fingers. I was truly gratified to see that my slave was able to accommodate the beautiful Nikki’s beautiful and slender hands to the full; not surprising really when he has been well-trained for years now to accept my own slightly larger fist. Although my slave was by now sobbing and gasping for air, I could tell that he was secretly enjoying himself and his tears were truly tears of joy, not fear and distress. How could he not enjoy himself with blonde Nikki whispering dirty suggestions in his ear while brunette me wanked his frustrated cock with both my hands and my all-conquering magic wand vibrator? I’m not sure whether it was my hard wanking work, or the fact that Nikki had his breathing tube stuffed into her leather panties, that finally made him fill up his condom. I do know, however, that Nikki is as big a fan of recycling as I am, and so it was no surprise at all that the spunk ended up in sub’s mouth. Waste not want not is our motto at Hanwell.

Over the hours that followed, Nikki and I egged each other on to new heights of fun and depravity. As one of our slaves remarked, the perverted sum of our two parts is greater than the whole. A brief interlude to show Nikki how much pleasure a Mistress can get out of a few needles, a few electric clips and some slave nipples, was followed by an in-depth examination of a rectal problem on my medical bench. It seems our patient had the unfortunate luck to lose a few items deep in his arse: including a working mobile telephone that vibrated inside him every time we rang the number. It took a double-fisting from my friend to finally retrieve the offending item.

The finale came with two slaves together bent over my whipping bench so that we two Dommes could practice a tag-team spit roasting of each of them in turn. Honestly, the noise that two subs can make when being arse-fucked simultaneously can be deafening, but we persevered with the job in hand until their ass-destruction was complete. All in all, it was one of the most pleasant days possible – all of it filmed to be shown on my members club site in the not too distant future. Watch this space.

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