May 7, 2015

There's more than one way to regulate my slaves' air supply and breathing, and sometimes all I need are a well-worn and aroma-filled pair of my little slavegirl's panties to achieve all the control I require. that was the case in a fun-packed, double session with Sherry and my butt-slut client this week. This particular guy loves to be stretched to the limit with ever-more intrusive finger, hand and full fist insertions in his rear and so we started with him suitably strapped into a highly accessible position on the medical bench in the Hanwell clinic. Naturally he was dressed from head to toe in latex and fitted with a restrictive, pump-up rubber hood through which I could pump suitable levels of various medications.

With his breathing already under control, and his legs apart, he was in no position to stop my hand gradually working deeper and deeper into his body. I knew that he would be in some considerable discomfort from the fisting and so I instructed Sherry to distract him a little by working on his nipples. Her techniques of pinching, nipple sucking and even biting seemed to keep his mind busy whilst I got on with my essential medical examinations of his rear. When she transferred her attentions a little lower on his torse, I could tell that her wanking action and her slow and steady blow-jobs were having a highly beneficial effect.

In due course it was time to change positions and so I allowed Sherry to disport herself comfortably in the gyno chair in order that my subbie could give her a thorough inspection. He seemed to take his work very seriously and I was impressed with how rigorously he worked his tongue to explore every nook and crevice of her pussy lips before concentrsating his efforts on arousing her clit. Admittedly, i did help the process along by working on his already-tender nipples whenever his effort seemed to be flagging a little. But in the end his work was fully rewarded as Sherry squealed her way to what was clearly a much-needed orgasm or two.

Moving on to my suspension room, I arranged Sherry in a kneeling position on the whipping bench with her arse invitingly lifted and cheeks opened for more oral examinations. My slave was allowed to kneel behind her for an in-depth anal inspection with his tongue and to successfuly bring about some more orgasms for my needy slavegirl. Although I would never praise any of my slaves to their faces, I must admit i was secretly a little impressed when Sherry (by now on her back with legs raised) started swearing and gasping as his tongue worked its magic between her thighs. "Fuck...," she kept exclaiming... "where did you learn to do that?.. that's amazing."

By now, Sherry was looking like the cat that had got the cream and, as a reward I allowed her to drape her well-scented pants across his face. I don't know how long she had been wearing that pair, or what games she had played in them, but the effect on my client was immediate. He was gasping for breath and so excited that I decided to quickly add some needles through his nipples which i then electrified to keep him properly under control. The frequent medication in the clinic combined with the thrill of a slavegirl's lingerie on his face led to a thoroughly satisfying climax for all concerned and my slave left the chambers with an unsteady gait but a considerable smile on his face. The moral of the story is clear: never underestimate the power of the killer panties!

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