Bah Humbug!

Dec 23, 2014

Bah Humbug!.... some of my slaves seem to hate Christmas (I expect it's because I am away for a few days and they miss their kind and kinky Mistress?) But I was determined to celebrate the festive season by making one of my subbies learn to love Yuletide, even if he took a lot of pain and torment in the process. I started with a Christmas quiz and could see that he was desperately trying to get as many of the answers correct as possible. That's maybe unsurprising, as every mistake was going to earn him some punishment from the quiz Mistress extraordinaire.

"How many reindeer does Santa have?" No Ummmm.. is not the right answer. "What did my true love give to me on the twelth day of Christmas?" Not twelve maids-a-milking, even though that did seem an appropriate if somewhat optomistic answer! He would be lucky if he got one maid a milking by the end of hsi session at this rate.

We soon abandoned the Mastermind chair for a more fitting position for my slave: Held in helpless bondage on my body board in my newly-refurbished, and sensationally lit, suspension room. I had carefully arranged his bound body to fully expose his arse cheeks in order that I could try out my brand new whip. Naturally, there was also the added bonus of unlimited anal access and plenty of opportunity to get at his genitalia for some serious cock torment along the way. That gave my the opportunity to fully try out some new leather cock and ball electro equipment which I;ve been loaned by a close Domme friend of mine. I'm happy to report that

I was so enjoying my Christmas cracker of a party - especially when I rigged up the Nova Pro to swamp my subbie's senses with a flashing disco beat and then added in the extra sensation of some controlled breathing games. The time flew by and soon it was the moment to move upstairs to my main bondage bench for some seasonal Jingle Balls fun. I got busy with a strapon whilst my slave got busy with some high notes to show his appreciation for all my Christmas efforts. I was soon in overdrive to ram home my New Year theme of total control with a bang...bang...bang. The only thing missing was a little of that festive, golden glitter spray with which to decorate my sub's baubles and leave a seasonal reminder of who always really owns those pesky balls. 

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