Bait Me At Your Peril

May 10, 2013

 Enema Adventures

I have just had such a fun evening scaring one of my regular slaves silly with the threat of taking his filthy fantasy games to extremes that even he had not imagined. This tale should serve as a lesson to all slaves to be careful of what you wish for: in my hands… your wish might just come true! The evening started gently enough with a little humiliation as I dressed the guy in a pretty pink frilly dress, black bra and pants and matching stockings before immobilising him on my medical bench. I quickly had his lacy panties pulled to one side and an inflatable 'bardex' enema tube inside his rear and ready to pump. A litre of water later and I could see he was straining not to expel - not that he could do anything to relieve the pressure until I decided to unclamp his tubes.

It was then that a fascinating experiment sprang to my mind (sometimes my naughty, creative imagination surprises even me) This slave has repeatedly claimed to be England’s most perverted pervert and is always boasting that he had never found any sexual games so naughty and disgusting that he would not willingly wanted to indulge in them. OK then, let the games begin, I thought! If he wants naught filthy fun then that is what he will get. I think the slave started to get a little worried when I strapped a pump-up tube feeding gag between his lips and then began carefully measuring the distance between his rear and his mouth.

His expression changed to one of deep concern as I busied myself hunting through the medical rooms many stock cupboards to find a suitably long length of extra rubber tubing and a few plastic connectors to join up the tube from his arse to the one in his mouth. This was promising to be an exercise in recycling gone mad! Before completing the final connection from arse to mouth I did put a strong clamp onto the rubber tube. After all, I did not want any unplanned flow from one end to the other until I had made the final decision for the experiment to go ahead.

When I used the medical bed hydraulics to lower his head and simultaneously raise his arse in the air, I could see from the fear in my slave’s eyes that he had now fully realised the situation he was in. He may only be a stupid slave but even he had by now cottoned on to the fact that the only thing preventing his mouth flooding with the enema contents of his backside was the plastic clamp in my hands. Of course, I took my time pondering my next move to drag out his worry to the max: To unclamp or not to unclamp, that was the question. Hmmm… tough decision.

So… did the clamp stay in place… or not? That is for me and my slave to know, and for you to wonder about. Suffice it to say that some little while later our evening continued with my slave subjected to an inescapable hogtie, swinging high in the air in my suspension room with balls tied out of the way and my magic wand vibrator washing his fears away with a little well-earned pleasure at his Mistress’s hands. I could have easily continued the recycling experiment at the end, feeding the contents of the condom into the tube, however it’s far more fun being a Mistress of surprises that predictability would you agree

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