Bank Holiday Preperations

Aug 27, 2013

 Being an early riser is both a blessing and a curse. It means I never get a lie-in, my brain is always active and I’m immersed in my work from the word go. On the plus side however my slaves and my websites do benefit from this ceaseless whirlwind of ideas.

Switching-off seems easy at night when I’m so exhausted from my daily efforts but by the morning but brain just wants to whir into gear and start the process all over again. So, let’s discuss what my day has held so far. It’s a bank holiday Monday morning; I’ve been up for hour. I’ve managed to get up to date with a load of odd jobs at home, plan the locations where I want to shoot for my upcoming LA trip, naturally including ‘muscle beach’ which I would be most displeased to miss out on. I’ve not trained in over a week and my diet has well and truly slipped but because I’ve been suffering with my back this week it seemed to make sense to take one week from lifting those weights.

Next on today’s agenda was making preparations and plans for my Spanish filming trip. I’m pleased that a number of my regular slaves have chosen to accompany me for the week (whether they are being brave or simply stupid only time will tell). After the hilarious ‘squid bed’ torment that I left for my slaves on a previous venture abroad, my subbies are going to need to be on their toes to avoid falling victim to similar fates. Did I mention the hot-chili handshake I insisted on giving my slave before forcing him to hold his own cock for a night-time pee before bed? Or the ‘squid shoes’ he had to endure after the bulb in his room was removed to ensure it all came as a total surprise? Childish, I know, but rather fun; especially as my two subbies were tied together for that night as well.

I’ve also been busy shopping for new equipment bits and pieces for my dungeon, for some overnight sessions. And who knows what will come back with me from San Francisco? My American trip is going to be action-packed as I’m working and shooting at Los Angeles’ Sanctuary dungeon and at the premier chambers of Mistress Cyan. I’m also looking at filming with Extreme Restraints, rubber and bondage-bound, Ashley Renee, at the Folsom street fair, a Prison escapade, a visit to the famous Kink, at Alcatraz and with a number of other female bondage models. God, I have no idea how I’m going to fit it all in! Good job that your’s truly is well on form and ready to crack a whip in every USA direction.

I know that my video blogs have been very popular with my members; thank you for all your positive comments. Keep an eye on these as they certainly offer a genuine behind the scenes glimpse of my life. Naturally the most devious and kinky material has to be saved to grace my members’ site as these free areas have to be relatively soft to avoid the danger of my more hard-core material being seen by any younger viewers.

So expect the unexpected and watch as your Mistress takes flight and adds yet another exciting leg to life’s journey.

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