Battered Balls.

Aug 25, 2012

Presenting his balls, my regular slave knows what's coming. His balls are to be specifically targeted for practice, what he doesn't know is the manor to which this target practice will be applied. As always, I love to keep my subject on his toes (occasionally literally with the application of overhead stretched clamps) however on this occasion I'm speaking metaphorically.  Subbie is first stretched out on the bondage table with a series of systematic taps rigorously applied to his ball. This Is the 'warm up phase', a place to prepare the body for more innovative discomfort.

With this particular slave I love to let my imagination run riot. I encourage my slave to enter my hypothetical debate 'wouldn't it be wonderful if I.....' suggesting  a myriad of possibilities, but allowing my slave to suggest worse alternatives. Already I can hear the purists out there throwing their arms up in alarm. This game that we play gives both creative minds room to flow as 'topping from the bottom' can be a useful tool to help bridge the gap between the Domme and Slave mind. Never assume this is the easy option, on the contrary, the slave is usually eager to impress with his willingness to endure more.

Next position involves a piece of rope to help fix and secure this wayward balls to the leg of the whipping bench, effectively allowing subbie to straddle a leg. No other bondage is required with good ball positioning. In fact movement is encouraged as its extremely limiting and the consistent tugging and pulling serves the purpose well from my viewpoint.

Lastly, a good crop of local fierce nettles positioned under the ass and balls with the remainder used to stroke and caress bring about a painful multiple orgasm through forced milking. Once the bubble bursts, in comes the sensation of the nettles in an all important tidal wave of pain. Delicious.

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