Birthday Blogging

Feb 20, 2012

What better way to start my birthday than with a new rubber outfit, and WHAT AN OUTFIT. Thanks to the hard working efforts at the 'House of Harlot' my Electric Blue Warrior Princess outfit fits to perfection. I couldn't wait to try it out on my regular client who had thoughtfully made a huge contribution towards it. In fact, here I sit wrapped in buckles and straps not wanting to take it off, but as I've booked a meal out tonight at Heston Blumenthal, I don't think I'll be making the right statement if I don't change. LOL.

I started hooding, body bagging and then stood my slave in the upstairs cage to disorientate him, allowing it to rotate, whilst not letting him see, was the perfect way to keep him teased, denied (with the aid of the Venus machine), arse fucked (with anal electrics) and suctioned and electrified nipple to boot! For some reason the cage just kept spinning, perfect for what I needed and the regular moaning meant it was working a treat for him too.

Next, I needed to try out some of my new hoods that arrived from 'rubbers finest', just to give them a brief outing and wow, they look sensational. Strapped to my body board, my slave swung with a triple layer rubber neck corset hood and breathing attachment. I can't wait to get a true rubberiest in to test out the 'smell bag' and the video specs hood that needs to be hooked up, now there's a job for my web slave to complete for me.

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