Birthday Fuck Fest

Feb 23, 2012

Wow what a full on fuck fuck fuck fest it was yesterday. It was so good to see familiar faces and of course there was a new one in attendance (who didn't disappoint too). Thank you so much for my wonderful gifts, you do know how to make a girl feel special, and wow, the fact that everything fitted to perfection was just icing on the cake. Anyway, I digress...this fuck fest started with yours truly dressed in long stiletto boots, very revealing purple rubber, fishnet body stockings and some see through panties (Gosh isn't a girl getting braver as she gets older!) and of course the necessary strap on and a half.

Id moved all my electro boxes upstairs, plugs, ropes etc ready for a house full of bottoms in need of some attention. Electrics flying, house champagne flowing (oh yes full force for more than one of you) and greedy mouths ready to taste more than they'd expected meant the party was in full force. Id arranged a little treat for my last sub in attendance; using one of my subs who'd confided in me that he would quite like to assist, I gave him the opportunity to dominate 'Gemma', my very well trained slut who has come along leaps and bounds in the years I've had her in my service. Gemma got the surprise of her life when my rubberised male 'apprentice' marched in and got her on all 4's in my downstairs room. You guys who know me well know I can be a tad unpredictable, (its part of my appeal, so I'm told) but that's just me.... I always like to mix things up abit.

When Gemma and my apprentice joined the party upstairs, I, ofcourse had to make sure that the dominant rubber gimp had not let his new found power get to his head. Gemma got her revenge and both her and I worked gimp boy into a total humiliated frenzy, juices flying and swallowing kind of sums up the crescendo.

Of course, in my summery here, as always, I'm missing loads out, the 3 on one, the caging and rotating of subs, the swapping and hammering of dildos, let's just say that a great day was had by all. I decided that at the end of the party, I was going on strike (5 hours in heels and I'm still feeling the pain 24 hours on) as God did I need my finishing foot rub and plateful of food. Thanks to all in attendance, plus my hard working domestic Doreen and receptionist who kept everything sparkly clean and ready for today's antics. Want to know more???? Read tomorrow...

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