Black Balls Turned Blue

Nov 4, 2012

Charged with larceny of the high seas, Pirate Black Balls is a sight to behold. Covered in electric blue rubber, complete with full mask, pirate patch and bandana he stands with all the defiance he can muster. The problem for ole Black Balls is that he has been captured, trussed and tied. Charged with the theft of his interrogator’s necklace, mermaid Miranda and other such lovely ladies of the seas belongings, the choice is straightforward...fess up or else. Secretly I’m hoping for a challenge but the gauntlet is down, should this stubborn pirate stand his ground?

Seated interrogation is far too easy for BB, so he is rapidly moved to a standing position. ‘I know the help you’ve received from your friend Captain Hook’, I taunt, ‘Well meet my friend Hook’, to which I produce a wonderfully large uncompromising anal hook. With his balls tied in one direction and the hook tied up and in another, every move brings pain and discomfort, just the duress from the predicament bondage I’m looking to install.

BB seems to be keeping his secrets close to his chest, of course what better way to humiliate this wretch than strap him to the whipping bench and teach him the meaning of abuse. Strap-on’s galore are fitted to his hands and arms, should he drop one then that’s the one he gets rammed inside him. Surly this will make him squeal? It doesn’t take long before I’m tiring of BB and his lack of communication. His costume is blue so what better way that to make his balls match his attire. Frustration is another weapon in my armory so why not use it to its full force. Placed in a cage and roped on his back, ive spotted a lascivious look across BB’s face. As gold is his love, why not funnel some liquid gold to fill his mouth. Down lower the balls are themselves tied and roped upwards giving me the perfect place for my wonderful magic wand. Will his treasure be spilt???

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