Blank Canvas

Oct 20, 2012

Stood before me is a blank canvas, ready to be moulded into what I require. All thoughts are gone (the ‘mind clearing process’ saw to that) and now this empty vessel is ready to be filled, filled with my will and my choice. I start by applying a pink cat-suit, teamed with some extremely high black boots and corset my expressionless slave as he watches himself in the mirror. The rubber has a hypnotic effect in keeping him sedate for what is to follow, after-all he has a new personality to accept.

Waist nicely clinched with a corset, the look is complete. With the unending stream of trigger words whispered, my slave sinks deeper and deeper under my control. The straight jacket I’ve selected has the perfectly placed d rings to hold and tie his form. Arranged in front of the mirror in the cage, head held upright with a harness, he has no choice other than to look on. All it takes is a few inches to raise this complete bondage creation into disarray. Suddenly without full use of his senses he is plunged into an ever changing, ever twirling world of surprise and suspense. He is mine and he knows it.

Cell time, rubber, restriction, hoods and gags are all familiar terms now. A seamless progression from one room to another until finally my experimentation leads to the medical room. Medical test conducted on my slaves cock prove very effective at denying an orgasm, he is literally begging to please me, he will devote his life to my servitude and swallow what comes his way

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Medical Room Dungeon Room Suspension Room