Bodyline Studios

Apr 18, 2013

Stumbling across a real gem of a studio located in Nottingham, bodyline studios is all it’s cracked up to be….and a lot more. It was a chance find that bodyline came onto my radar. On a search to find some interesting people to film with, I happened to see a set of images taken at the studio. A certain young lady (who will remain nameless) had some rather quirky shots that I couldn’t help but admire. Of course I’m always looking for interesting locations as well, Hanwell Is a divine shrine to the BDSM kinksters from far and wide but one thing my premises lacks is space. Actually there is rather a lot of square footage of dungeon par excellence but I seem to have this real knack of filling with perv apparel. Naturally the opportunity to a)rebuild my portfolio of images that’s required to provide regular updates to my members site and b)work in 3000 square feet obviously needed to be realised. Setting aside a whole day (and night as I travelled up the night before) made sense. Packing for such a varied and interesting range of sets is not an easy thing. As you all know my fetish wardrobe is as extensive as my toys, I have after all been building, collecting and acquiring my equipment over a vast number of years, and one does tend to accumulate a lot!

Walking into the studio was a real delight, lee the owner is a lovely character, very friendly and welcoming. An ex model himself, lee has a real talent for getting the most out of his subjects. Of course as the demanding Bondage Mistress I kept lee on his toes, with a massive range of outfits to get through, sets to change and video to shoot it seemed to make sense to set aside a brief stop in as many sets as humanly possible. Id booked the studio for the day but rubber and heel do take their toll. Looking around my list of ‘must have’ shots ran like a menu. I was most enthusiastic to make use of the Georgian, barn, living room, medical, bondage room, chaise lounge, dungeon set, motorbike, old fashioned set, the wet set so to say that I was a demanding customer could have been levelled. However, all done in a nice way of course, I moved from scene to scene and looking at the pictures now all I can say is WOW. Lee commented that it was the most scenes he had ever shot in a day. I think in the end I had something like 13 sets of images (some with 2 costume changes) and 3 videos too. It doesn’t sound a lot by we shot 570 images, most of which are useable as is.

To be honest I don’t have the skill to Photoshop, or the time so I will probably put them up as they stand now. I will defiantly be back to bodyline in the future, I would recommend it to anyone looking for some quality images, interesting sets and unique shooting style. Thanks lee, hope to see you soon

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Medical Room Dungeon Room Suspension Room