Bound to Be Bi

Mar 26, 2013

 Now I'm well aware that bi scenes are not to every slave's taste but I must admit to getting a real thrill out of watching one of my subs lose this very special virginity in my Hanwell Palace of joy and delight. The subbie I was dealing with today was nervous as a kitten once I had strung him up helpless, blindfolded and vulnerable in my suspension room. He got even more apprehensive when he heard two sets of footsteps walk into the room and stand in front of his naked body. Actually, to be honest, only one of us was 'standing:' the other rubber-clad slave was kneeling in front of my sub's fast stiffening cock with his mouth open wide ready to do whatever I ordered him to do. My slave had previously confesssed to a bi fantasy but had never before plucked up the courage to fulfil his dream so I let his cock grow even harder with anticipation for a moment before issuing the order to start licking, and then sucking, the very tip.
My Rubbber slave, of course, instantly does whatever I demand, however humiliating, however degrading, and so he was soon delivering the most sensuous and enthusiastic blow job. To ensure I kept total control, I sat back and watched while issuing precise orders: ‘slowly back and forth on the helmet' - 'deeper now BUT keep it slow and gentle' - 'now let me hear you gagging as you keep that cock pressed against the back of your throat.'
It was such fun to watch my heterosexual submissive strive to control himself as he pleased me by submitting to my filthiest games. Truth is, his so-stiff penis showed that he couldn't help enjoying the oral attentions and I had to call a temporary halt for fear that a premature orgasm might spoil all my fun plans to torture him further over the next hour or two. By now a change of position was called for to give my slave a brief respite from the torment of having his arms stretched up above his head and so I dismissed rubber slave back to his cell for a while to allow the necessary adjustments to be made. This consisted of strapping subbie down doggie-fashion over my whipping bench so that rubber slave could reach between his legs and start wanking his cock and playing with his tied-up balls while I busied myself at the head end! All this fun had got me so excited that I had to pee, which at least provided a refreshing drink for my slave as I gradually syringed more and more piss into his mouth.
The finale for the bi-performance came as I made rubber slave kiss and lick ass while still maintaining his steady wanking rhythm, although once again I called a halt when an orgasm was imminent. All the better to finish off this session with slave spending a lengthy spell in the cells to contemplate what a dirty boy he had been for his Mistress that day. Rubber slave made such a good job of his task that I should perhaps be renting him out for future appointments. Watch this space.

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