BoundCon Munich

May 27, 2013

What a whirlwind experience my trip to the Boundcon Fetish Festival in Munich has been. Naturally, for the purposes of this blog I will have to condense all of the fun somewhat and indeed it is hard to paint a picture with the written word that can capture the electricity of the place and the energy of this event.  The 12 hour door to door drive, I can assure you, was well worth the effort especially as luggage allowances and fetish-wear are not usually the ideal natural pairing when flying.

Arriving late on Thursday evening (but in time to see some kinky antics of the British bondage team in the hotel bar) certainly put me in the mood for the perversions to come. Even more so when my friend Carmen Rivera walked in the door. Always one to liven a room, Carmen had been touring Germany for the previous five days and busy sessioning all over the country.

Jumping ahead to Friday, I'm pleased to report that all went well with my preparations (it was a good hair day lol) and despite the cold, cold weather, my first outfit of the day - full latex catsuit, corset, heels and an good-sized strap-on - seemed to raise a few smiles on leaving the hotel.

I really didn't know what to expect when arriving at boundcon. My slave had been before and had filled me in on some of the detail but had not fully conveyed the wonderful range of pervery on offer. Every which way I looked I found lovely latex par excellence rather than the crappy 'furry handcuffs' and cheapo-knocked-together bits of PVC that all too often masquerade as fetish equipment. Ok, sorry but here comes my rant of the day:

'Erotica,' and some of the other uk based events, USED to be all kink and bondage etc. Years ago, when it was merely in its infancy, you would get a real diversity of traders, including Joe Bloggs who worked in the middle of nowhere making unique pieces, specialised non-mass market equipment that really made the event unusual. Then, over time the organisers got greedy: the cost of each pitch sky-rocketed and the smaller guys were pushed out of the picture. Attending fetish events was no longer a viable option for these small traders and, one by one, they were pushed out leaving the mainstream dildo and furry cuff sellers as the only suppliers in town. Now I'm not knocking those people BUT no longer having our friend Joe Bloggs meant that these events lost the vitality and diversity that made them so interesting in the first place. Now I have no clue about stall prices in Boundcon, however I can say that I know (and knew) a lot of manufacturers of goods who each have the same story to tell. End rant.

Needless to say 'burning plastic' is the only description for Friday. My credit cards were in overdrive but I could have bought so much more. I didn't even treat myself! My head was geared to thinking of you subs out there and what would work for my films and all the delicious scenes still to come.

Having VIP passes meant unlimited food refills, seating and drinks. Naturally I try not to be too greedy (I'm after all standing in a skin tight catsuit: how much food can I fit in without starting to appear engorged) but German cuisine certainly has a lot to offer...  and a mistress has to keep up her strength.

I managed to make contact with a number of possible filming ladies, and with venue owners with magnificent locations that sent my mind racing with possibilities. Its surprising how tiring having fun can be and leaving the event by about 730 I already felt the trip had been a great success.... and then there was day 2 to follow!!

Saturday (match day in Munich!) the atmosphere in the town from 11am was electric. Gathering crowds in all the restaurants, bars, cafes and more with supporters of all ages gearing up for Bayern Munich v Dortmund at 9pm. Electric horns and singing surrounded us, I can't imagine what the town was like in the evening!! Anyway, I'm digressing. Off to Boundcon for the 2nd time in as many days when it opened its doors at 3 to find that 'Wow' there were four times as many people as there had been the day before. Not unexpected for a Saturday, although the even never felt overpacked. There was still plenty of space to watch demos, sit, eat and chat to some of the exhibitors. It was great to chat to some riggers, bondage models, site owners and producers and feel inspired to continue making contacts and meeting new people (something I can't say I generally do to any great degree). I don't really do the club scene very often and the start of 2013 came with my resolution to get out into the scene more.

Holding that thought, I was delighted when I spotted Carmen Rivera arrive for day Two. She had promised a couple of attending slaves to play with and I couldn't wait to assist. Her fetish butler served strawberries on a silver platter and her TV slut offered his body for training. The fetish movies and clips for sale booth that she attended offered some branded pegs, and I couldn't help myself....attaching them to the nether regions of the slave. More fun continued until I worked up a thirst once again and I bid Carmen a farewell before heading for the VIP area again (heels can be so tiresome sometimes).

So to sum up a great trip, friendly people, (a great gym too in the adjacent sports club to the hotel), wonderful shopping which the weather cannot spoil. Alas I have to say goodbye to Boundcon a day early, I've a long journey back for tomorrow I'm off to Cornwall for more frisky, frolicky, filming fun.

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