Business or Pleasure?

Jun 11, 2012

With a fresh crop of nettles comes the opportunity to makes someone's morning a memorable one for all the right reasons. A surprise session seemed the way forward for one hapless sub in my stable. A brief call instructing a 9am arrival and a cryptic message was all it took to make the urgent attendance of my collared slave to brush off his morning meetings (with some international executives that were kept waiting for 3 hrs in total). A brief chance to dress in rubber and an encounter with my  sling found my spread eagled slave in a guessing game. Hooded, blindfolded and taped (of course he would never cheat,,,,not much!!!) Subbie had to decide is it a tickling flogger dragged over his balls or a nettle crop? Easy you might think but once the pain bites in life sure does get more difficult.

Frustration, penetration and additional elements in place, it was time to move onto Phase 2. As Im about to embark on a full week of filming abroad I needed to make sure in I'm tip top condition to be on camera. This means I needed a spray tan to ensure an even coverage, which of course means getting naked. What could be more frustration to a slave to know his mistress is naked in the same room as you BUT your unable to see a thing. Let's just say 'frustration' was insured.

I was also in the mood to humiliate - out came the marker pen and with all the artistic flurry I could muster, I fashioned two flowers over each nipple, a nose and mouth to cover the slaves stomach. Cheating on 'the dare' could not occur, not with an extra pair of eyes to watch the task unfold. Subbie was instructed to walk into a lock shop. 3 men behind the counter were treated to a clothing up and exposed stomach smiling away with my red faced slave  saying 'and have a nice day now' to each one individually. My extra pair of eyes assistant viewing from the shop window was roaring with laughter, as she made sure that each of the 3 shop assistants had the same view as the last. After some very naughty chocolate purchases, my humiliated slave headed back with the delicious chockie.

So now I plot and plan for the days in the sunshine filming, outdoors with some new and some familiar faces. How will I get it all done? Packing, playing and perversion here I come.

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