Busy Me

Jan 16, 2013

 I’ve had a busy day today. First of all I’ve welcomed my regular slave back to the fold, starting the scene by demanding he be on his knees naked for my entry into the room. The threat of a cold shower seemed to put him in his place and set the tone for what was to come. Id decided to bypass the preliminary early on chat going straight for the jugular, today was going to be all about ME and what I was in the mood for. Those slaves who know me know my format. I like to have a short chat at the start to hear what my subbie is in the mood for but today, no that’s not how it was going to pan out.

I decided that my handcuffs, gas mask, collar and anal hook should be placed on my slave, coupled with some ropes to keep everything in place and difficult to move. I needed to escort subbie to my suspension room and its far more fun for me to know my slave is suffering. Shuffling behind me I led the way only woops, silly me forgetting the handcuff key. Of course I’m far too busy to go upstairs myself so off my slave trotted to go and fetch it. I know, it sounds like and easy task, but when the vision is limited, the hands are tied in a difficult cuffed manor, ass filled with and anal hook it was no easy feat.

Next I decided that a spell upside down to help the blood flow to all the extreme ties, see what a caring mistress I am, after all -3 outside means there is a bit of a nip in the air. Good news I’m on standby with my shrink wrap keeping my totally inverted slave in perfect place to worship my strap-on, boots and feet. Of course this method of ‘heating up’ a slave is guaranteed to yield results so it was time for another change.

I can’t let my exhausted slave not get a well-earned rest on the bondage chair, not without nipples clamped, balls tied, electrics pumping in the ass and cock (especially as an oversized sound has the current working away nicely. Topping off all this pleasure with a lovely wet water sports cotton wool under the nose and in the gag to make sure the aroma of his mistress was surrounding him; my slave was well and truly mine. Surviving the onslaught, subbie earned a right to don the gas mask and hook etc and trudge upstairs in an unending bought of suffering (totally enjoyable sight I must say.

Finally upstairs, the bondage table beckoned and with the assistance of some full scale final ass electrics coupled with my magical wand, it was all too much to bear before the lucky boy exploded in the condom and was spent

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